Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Sort descending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Real time MIDI input needs info 3.5 3 7個月
Tablature rests at incorrect vertical position needs info 6 5年
Allow diagonal crash needs info 3.5 2 5個月
Scrolling master palette reverts back to the top needs info 3.5 2 5個月
Some notes randomly jumping to top octave when input needs info 3.0 8 1年
Ties disappear in complex tuplets when loaded. needs info 3.1 2 1年
New document setup windows after launch ?? needs info 5 5年
Staff Text button disappears needs info 3.5 3 4個月
Losing focus for selection when zooming needs info 34 5年
MuseScore 3.x shows empty dialogs when computer wakes from sleep mode needs info 3.5 2 3個月
Volume error when exporting file to (FLAC) needs info 3.2 4 1年
Playback stops when I set the tempo I want. needs info 3.0 7 2年
Bar separators are not always spanning across instrument groups needs info 3.2 2 1年
Tempo Marker "Follow text" does not work needs info 3.0 3 2年
Implode to different voices on single staff when there are different rhythms in the selection needs info 12 2年
Steel drums are not transposing instruments needs info 2.1 11 5年
Playback not working needs info 3.6 1 2個月
App closes when no score loaded needs info 3.0 2 2年
Constantly Crashes needs info 3.6 21 1個月
Problem with special characters needs info 3.6 6 1個月
Not all key signatures enter in edit mode with double-click needs info 3.3 4 1年
upload probl;em needs info 3.0 1 2年
MuscScore CRASHES on startup needs info 3.3 3 1年
crec. in voice 1 2 3 needs info 3.3 2 1年
The Scroll Bar in the mixer gets stuck all the way to the right needs info 3.1 4 1年