Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version 升序 Replies Last updated
Dashed/dotted lines stop scaling with zoom once line thickness equals one pixel active 4 6年
6 MIDI import issues active 8 8年
enharmonic switch when suppressing instrument name active 4 8年
Automatically-generated melisma lines active 17 7個月
clicking object with opaque background selects object behind it instead active 2 7年
plugins: impossible to set the played duration of a chord active 4 2年
request shortcuts for individual dynamic (& other) markings active 1 3年
Exported PNG shows tablature stem incorrectly active 0 8年
Adding staff to instrument in score does not add staff to part; possibly crash involving undo / toggle mmrest active 7 2年
[MusicXML import (DOM and PULL parsers)] Wrong import of InstrumentChange elements active 4 2年
Stacked Poly Chords with complex chords on bottom active 0 10年
Stem direction changes upon action active 3 7年
[build/packaging] missing doc_??.qhc and plugins' desc./info active 4 6年
Non-lossy transposition active 15 6年
Completed drumset entries with tickbox active 1 8年
[MusicXML] Pages incorrectly exported if in Continuous View active P2 - Medium 5 2年
Unable to delete key signature when multi-measure rests are enabled active 5 11個月
Cannot use a decimal dot or vulgar fractures like ½ for time signatures active 3 3個月
RT-CLK :Break multi-rest does not work on parts active 7 8年
Score not in view after hiding measures active 0 8年
Error in playback of voltas with clef changes or dynamics active 11 1年
Invalid strings for "Jump to", "Play Until", and "Continue at" should report error and/or displayed Red active 0 6年
Wrong behavior of MuseScore launcher in Gnome Shell active 3 8年
Instrument names of MusicXML mispositioned in Continuous View active 2 2年
Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4 active 0 6年