Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version 降序 Replies Last updated
Tried change the old MS3 file to MS4 and it deleted it needs info 3.6 3 2日
Ties in rhythmic slash notation are not positioned correctly active 3.6 5 1年
[MusicXML import] incorrect handling of sequentially numbered non-overlapping part-groups active 3.6 2 1個月
Musescore is all blurred. Very low quality... needs info 3.6 1 1年
Lyrics hyphen too high after rest (with a lyrics sylable) active 3.6 3 10個月
ReadOnly preset workspace active 3.6 1 1年
Program freezes for several seconds while saving project needs info 3.6 2 1年
Chord symbols with a bass extension don't export to MusicXML correctly (nor import back) active 3.6 19 5個月
midi controller causes crash on Musicscore startup active 3.6 2 1年
Pressing the command key on your mac will bring down the program. needs info 3.6 2 1年
MDL Drumline Soundfonts drop out every third note active 3.6 1 1年
Fretboard diagrams: for barres, allow user to specify a curved line (instead of a straight line) active 3.6 3 1年
Bends: curves need to be smooth (not angular) active 3.6 1 1年
Musescore freezes on Chromebook when adding in 16th notes to software. needs info 3.6 3 2個月
Adding a guitar stave with a linked tablature needs info 3.6 1 1年
Solfege Moveable Do - Alteration Noteheads have wrong labels active 3.6 0 1年
Chord Voicing "Root Only" - "Base Only" also needed? active 3.6 0 1個月
Audio Troubles needs info 3.6 8 1年
Splitting a bar adds new ties unexpectedly active 3.6 4 1年
Lots of lyrics unable to be copied active 3.6 3 1年
Choose instruments: better default for ordering? active 3.6 3 1年
Nonresponsive when trying to input multiple chord symbols needs info 3.6 12 6個月
Provide handles for manual adjustment of tremolo beams active 3.6 3 1年
Rests Between Beams Is Causing Beam Malfunctions needs info 3.6 15 1年
[Accessibility] - Text not on note unreadable active 3.6 3 1年