Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version 降序 Replies Last updated
When playing the attached score, the last page does not show properly active 4.0 1 2個月
Remember Transpose settings/interval active 4.0 0 2個月
La riproduzione crea problemi needs info 4.0 1 1個月
Unable to read item names with screen reader in grace notes, brackets, accidentals, barlines, note heads, bagpipe, layout and beam properties sections active 4.0 7 2個月
Program too unstable needs info 4.0 8 1個月
Invoeren noten needs info 4.0 2 2個月
Palette icons not displaying needs info 4.0 2 1個月
Problem when playing the sounds it gets stuck needs info 4.0 1 2個月
Additional note (that is not written) playing in viola section active 4.0 1 1個月
Hyphen and underscore not working when entering lyrics active 4.0 5 1個月
Staves with "Hide when empty" set to "Always" sometimes not being hidden when empty in part scores. active 4.0 3 1個月
Musescore 4 stops when PC (Windows) goes on stand-by active 4.0 1 2個月
notes color during playback active 4.0 1 1個月
.MSCZ file corruption active 4.0 18 2個月
Volume not working active 4.0 0 3禮拜
Why i save a file and is save with 0 bytes? and if saved in PDF bytes 0? How to avoid needs info 4.0 3 1個月
Horizontal Fretboard Diagram for Guitar active 4.0 3 2個月
MuseScore 4 locks upon opening in Windows 11 active 4.0 1 3禮拜
Caesura playback broken needs info 4.0 6 1個月
"Repeat measure" symbol not functioning. GitHub issue 4.0 4 2個月
Upload to MuseScore Website does not work in MuseScore4 active 4.0 5 2個月
Cannot adjust note velocity in Musescore 4 GitHub issue 4.0 2 1個月
[MusicXML export] buzz rolls are not exported active 4.0 1 2個月
Crashed every time went tie note needs info 4.0 1 3禮拜
Crash on 2. needs info 4.0 1 1個月