Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated 降序
Jack MIDI : MuseScore plays piano only active 0 13年
timbral suggestion (play "sul ponticello", "sul tasto", and "sord.") active 3 13年
"Broken rhythm" in note entry active 0 13年
Load plugins before main screen appears active 0 13年
MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working active 4 13年
featured Micro-interval tuning? active 0 13年
The plugin framework should avoid the use of the same object in different score active 1 13年
Add continuous controller support active 0 13年
Cautionary key signature on jump active 0 13年
[trunk] Improvements to the 'section break' active 4 13年
TopStaff anchor for articulations/ornaments does not honor notes and beams outside staff active 0 13年
Ability to create tuplet with total duration different of note figure active 0 12年
Mid-staff changes not exported to MIDI active 1 12年
Wrong file open dialog if LC_ALL is set to de_DE active 2 12年
signature or available text in the account description active 0 12年
[trunk] SVG graphics imported into a palette are not placeable in the score active 0 12年
[trunk] copy SVG graphics added to a palette to a 'safe place' active 1 12年
[trunk] [osx] "backspace-key" triggering the same action as "delete-key" active 4 12年
[Trunk] Saw Wave isn't selected in Mixer active 0 12年
[trunk] Incipits active 0 12年
Stack alterations for complex jazz chords active 0 12年
Stacked Poly Chords with complex chords on bottom active 0 12年
1st & 2nd line endings can't proceed to new staff when dragging line with mouse active 3 12年
Minor changes for intergration with REAPER DAW active 7 12年
[trunk] hanging when there are no valid ALSA devices active 2 12年