Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated 升序
Underscore not working for lyrics melisma on AZERTY keyboards active 4.0 24 10個月
Musescore Crashing constantly active 4.0 9 10個月
Mixer: add a "Clear All" button to reset all Solo and Mute buttons to default (disabled) active 4.x-dev 4 10個月
A tie won't play GitHub issue 4.0 12 10個月
MuseScore app crashes while opening a specific MIDI-file. active 9 10個月
Top menus open in the middle of the window active 4.0 3 10個月
Windowed Resizing is Limited active 4.0 3 10個月
Bb not displaying correctly GitHub issue 4.x-dev 11 11個月
Want repeat bar line at end of piece without repeat-dots active 3.4 13 11個月
Generating Security issues GitHub issue 4.0 5 11個月
Musescore stopped playing sound active 4.0 2 11個月
Impaired Selection of "Invisible" Attributes active 4.0 7 11個月
Making Chords M7 GitHub issue 4.0 9 11個月
Ct chord symbol generates same notes as C chord symbol active 3.5 14 11個月
Crash following undo+octave up active 4.0 10 11個月
musescore wont open active 4.0 4 11個月
Assets with visibility toggled cannot be re-selected. needs info 4.0 5 11個月
Charango TAB (and Ronroco) active 3.6 9 11個月
Fretboard diagrams are not exported to MusicXML GitHub issue 3.x-dev 16 11個月
Exporting multiple parts with dot in filename results in filename being cut at the dot GitHub issue 4.0 5 11個月
Cannot delete a measure or trailing measures needs info 3.6 4 11個月
Trills played through MS Basic sounds are unrealistically fast regardless of tempo active 4.0 4 11個月
MS plays constant note during playback with vst instrument active 4.0 7 11個月
Volume levels are low on playback GitHub issue 4.0 6 11個月
Musescore crashes as it starts up in Windows 11 active 4.0 5 11個月