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Almost three years ago, I shared my thoughts with you on The State of MuseScore. With that post lasconic, werner and myself introduced the creation of, a sister website to While was meant to facilitate collaboration between MuseScore users and developers, served the purpose to easily share your sheet music on the web.

Even though is a much younger site, it quickly surpassed in terms of user accounts and traffic. For most of our new users today, MuseScore is a sheet music sharing community but many don't know about the notation software. It also happens the other way around of course, where users only knew about the software. From a communication point of view, MuseScore clearly missed the opportunity to explain that it is both: notation software and a sheet music sharing site.

On top of this, both websites had their own separate user registration and login flow. This created a confusing barrier for MuseScore users to really get engaged and become a contributing member.

To tackle both the communication and the log in issue at once, we are introducing changes to both sites. Both will share the same site header form now on, so they nicely cross link to each other. Also the login system will be unified, by phasing out the standalone log in system on Instead, you will be logging in now with one username and one password. As an extra, it's now also possible to login with your Facebook account. Becoming a MuseScore member takes literally just a couple of clicks.

What to do

1. In case you have an account already on and you use it to log in on, nothing will change for you.

2. In case you have a separate account on both and, then those will automatically be linked with each other when you use the same email addresses on both sites. So no worries for you. In case you use different email addresses for both sites, please change the email address on Once done, your two accounts will be linked on the next login.

3. In case you don't have an account yet on, while you did already have one on, then create a new account using the email address you used before to register on

Help, I can't login anymore

If you find yourself stuck with the log in process or the site is reporting some error, please contact me and explain with which username you don't manage log in with on

Thanks for sticking with us during this period of transition. We understand this may cause some confusion but on the long term this will help the MuseScore community to grow even faster.


Hi Thomas, thanks for the

Hi Thomas, thanks for the over-view. I use it for scoring and had no idea about the score-sharing intent.

P.S. I still find the blue hard to read and would prefer all black. Just sayin'.

Blue links

Hey Don, you are referring to the blue links, right? We practically use the same blue links in the previous design.

Well, they look completely

Well, they look completely different to me and I now find them hard to read. In the old colour, I found it hard to see the blue which was used when some posted a link in their message and it took me some time to understand how that worked, but it was much preferable to the look now.

I would urge going back to the old colours, as that can be changed but my eyes, not so much. :)

Are you saying there are

Are you saying there are things you see in blue that you previously saw in some other color? I have a hard time remembering specifics, but it does seems to me the "Subject" listed above each post within a thread is now blue (because it is a link) whereas before it might have been black because it was not a link. As far as I can recall, that's the only place I seem to see blue where I didn't before. Is this what you mean?

Subject was blue and a link

Subject was blue and a link before too


Hi Thomas, I have a question. What will be happen with accounts with different usernames? Will the's username change to the's username?

Different usernames

No, they will not change automatically. If you like to get the same username across both sites, contact me so I can do this manually for you.

Just Wonderin'

Will musescore ever become similar to what we all enjoyed and are devestated without, WIKIFONIA? If so, you will acquire thousands of subscribers. Don in MI

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