Image capture

Image capture allows to create image snippets out of scores. It can be toggled on/off with the Image capture button, Image capture button.

In image capture mode, a selection rectangle can be spawned with Shift + mouse drag.

Lasso selection

The selection rectangle can be moved with the mouse, or resized by moving one of the eight handles.

Once you specify the bounding box of the image snippet you want to create, right-click into the rectangle to popup the context menu:

Image capture context menu

Saving as a PNG file results in this file:

Score snippet

If you save your snippet in "print mode", it will appear as a cut out of the score as it would be printed. In "Image capture mode", the image will look like the score on your screen (including line break markers, etc.), which are not printed (100dpi example):

Image capture snippet

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This page too doesn't really belong into a Chapter "Formatting"

What about under Basics, just after save/export/print

and "Image" right next to it?
Not sure both tasks seem rather "Advanced" to me ;-)

Maybe grouping both page, Foto-mode and Image, as Fotomode, may be a undertitle of Image...?

I'd keep them separated. They are related, yes, but different enough too.

Is there some reason this page is called "Foto-Mode"? Shouldn't it be "Screenshot mode"?

Its not exactly a screenshot and "foto" is faster to type :-)

It's maybe not a screenshot, but if we can't find a better english word, let's not create one...
I renamed the page to screenshot mode.

It had been discussed a while ago, between screenshot mode, photo-mode, foto-mode, with or without dash, capitalization etc. What you see now, was the outcome of that discussion ;-)

Both the tooltip and menu say "screenshot mode" so the help topic title and content should be consistent.


Too bad I missed that discussion, because I agree that it's not exactly a screenshot. I would have strongly advocated for calling it "Image Capture." Oh well, too late now. ;-)

Since "snippet" is mentioned, "Snippet capture", "snippet mode", 'snippet creator"?

What if we think about how people will ask for this feature. I believe we typically get the question: how can I paste MuseScore as an image in a (word) document. So if that is true, then image capture would be a good choice.

and you use a camera to capture an image, so the icon is a better match to that than to "screenshot" (which to me is what Windows does with Ctrl+Print or Ctrl+Alt+Print, i.e. either the entire screen or a whole window, not just a portion of it)

So yes, my vote would be for Image Capture as well. Any objections?

Wow. I can't believe my idea caught on so fast. Normally I would expect at least some resistance, even if I think that my own idea is great and everybody should agree.

While I'm on a roll… can we combine the Layout and Style menus into a single Format menu? (Somebody else made that suggestion, actually. But I think it is a great idea.)

You'd better open a separate thread on that (Layout+Style)

Of course. But are the developers really going to change the name of this feature to "Image Capture" now? Because that would be impressive.

Hey, Thomas, what's happening? Is the change going to be made?

Did we finally settle for 'Image mode'? I think we did, so I'll submit a PR with that...

Image mode is mentioned nowhere. Image Capture or Image Capture Mode if we want to keep the "Mode" part of it, like Edit Mode, Note input/entry mode,

OK "Image Capture Mode" then...

Can somebody change the "back end" of this page so that the URL isn't


Because "Foto-mode" is not what it's called anymore, so it doesn't make sense to have that term in the page's address.

@Thomas ?
This is probably not the only such page, some more got carried over from the "What 2.0 will bring" part of the 1.x handbook

Consider it fixed. The url forwards now to node/xxx. Soon we will rewrite all the handbook 2.0 urls to clear urls anyways. You'll see it happen one day.

Great, thanks.

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