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MuseScore Key signature at system break with canceling naturals should not repeat naturals at beginning of following system patch (code needs review) normal bug reports 2 2 hours
MuseScore Poor scaling of GUI on high resolution displays active normal bug reports 3 2 hours
MuseScore Wrong beams in parts after TimeSig change active normal bug reports 3 3 hours
MuseScore Annotations deleted on delete even when excluded from selection via filter patch (ready to commit) normal bug reports 7 4 hours
MuseScore Crash after removing multimeasures rests and adding a measure active critical bug reports 1 5 hours
MuseScore changes to metatags don't make score 'dirty' fixed normal bug reports 2 11 hours
MuseScore Fermata over a note in leger line can't be selected after changing direction fixed normal bug reports 4 13 hours
MuseScore Midi Flood LoopBe1 active normal bug reports 0 1 day
MuseScore "Prall" and "mordent" playback abnormal when applied to notes with accidentals fixed normal bug reports 8 1 day
MuseScore Crash on OS X startup even when doing mscore -F active critical bug reports 2 1 day
MuseScore Lines and notes lengthened in duration not deselected when clicking elsewhere fixed normal bug reports 4 1 day
MuseScore Impossible to select all beams in a certain voice fixed normal bug reports 3 1 day
MuseScore Selection after multi-bar rests includes remaining bars fixed critical bug reports 6 1 day
MuseScore Crash when opening MusicXML produced in PhotoScore active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 14 1 day
MuseScore Synthesizer > Master Effects causes crash active critical bug reports 7 2 days
MuseScore Custom key signatures do not show active normal bug reports 9 2 days
MuseScore Flat signs appearing as boxes in user interface in Windows XP active minor bug reports 3 2 days
MuseScore More "clever" measure splitting active minor feature requests 3 2 days
MuseScore changing styles on import from 1.3 active minor bug reports 4 2 days
MuseScore Add native support for slash notation fixed normal feature requests 14 2 days
MuseScore ctrl-c does not work in Snapshot mode fixed normal bug reports 2 2 days
MuseScore Crash when pasting over second voice when the left-over portion of the note spans over an invalid duration fixed critical bug reports 2 2 days
MuseScore Accessibility info and status bar for drum notation fixed normal bug reports 4 2 days
MuseScore Unable to use note input shortcuts in drum entry mode after selecting an icon in drum palette fixed normal bug reports AndreiTuicu 5 2 days
MuseScore Score corruption upon entering drum note in segment with no element in voice 1 fixed critical bug reports 2 3 days
MuseScore Initially selected drum icon not active in drum entry mode fixed normal bug reports 3 3 days
MuseScore Double clicking icon on drum palette enters note at wrong location / voice, undo moves cursor to wrong staff fixed normal bug reports 3 3 days
MuseScore Wrong icons on Note Entry tab in Preferences active normal bug reports 7 3 days
MuseScore Some chords are wrong in linked Tab staff if the entry is made from bass to treble in the standard staff. postponed normal bug reports 14 3 days
MuseScore A way to get back to the previous editing position after pressing Escape (without using the mouse) active normal bug reports 1 3 days
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