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MuseScore Adding Title, Composer, and others, in a inserted vertical frame, causes a jump at beginning of the score active normal bug reports 5 6 hours
MuseScore Pizzicato - Musescore 2.0 Beta 1 needs info normal bug reports 8 7 hours
MuseScore MusicXML imports Identification information incorrectly -- Encoder tag is mangled active minor bug reports 0 11 hours
MuseScore "Set as Default" cannot be clicked after removing files in Fluid patch (code needs review) normal bug reports igevorse 1 13 hours
MuseScore Crash when changing instrument in the mixer after modifications in Fluid patch (code needs review) critical bug reports igevorse 4 13 hours
MuseScore MXML export: crash with score starting with a multi-measure rest. active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 4 13 hours
MuseScore mmrests not turned on by default in parts for 1.3 scores patch (code needs review) normal bug reports 4 14 hours
MuseScore Picture changes not proportionally after changing width to 0 fixed normal bug reports igevorse 2 16 hours
MuseScore Removing note with accidental from chord does not recompute accidentals fixed normal bug reports 1 17 hours
MuseScore deleting a timesig destroys layout (deletes system breaks) active normal bug reports 6 17 hours
MuseScore lyrics appear both in notation and TAB fixed minor bug reports 24 17 hours
MuseScore shortening the actual duration of the last measure of a score with parts causes crash, if that measure has a volta active critical bug reports 2 17 hours
MuseScore Some Emmentaler note heads don't mix and match their stems active normal bug reports 3 18 hours
MuseScore R key producing notes on wrong lines when used with transposing instrument fixed normal bug reports 2 19 hours
MuseScore Prevent the playback of trailing rests active normal feature requests 2 19 hours
MuseScore [MusicXML] multi-measure rest not exported active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 0 20 hours
MuseScore Loop Out position can't be set again at the end of the score fixed normal bug reports 4 20 hours
MuseScore Hyphen connects wrong syllables with lyrics in multiple voices fixed normal bug reports 2 21 hours
MuseScore Lyrics attached to voices > 1 in 1.3 scores reassigned to voice 1 fixed critical bug reports 9 21 hours
MuseScore Page size settings not working fixed normal bug reports 3 21 hours
MuseScore [MusicXML] missing staff-details xml tags on export active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 4 23 hours
MuseScore Hyphenated melisma requires too much space patch (code needs review) minor bug reports 9 1 day
MuseScore 1.3 score with parts and no title imports with multiple title boxes active normal bug reports 0 1 day
MuseScore Cannot view at non-predefined number in Zoom box active minor bug reports 2 1 day
MuseScore Location of file should appear somewhere when it is opened and saved active minor feature requests 5 1 day
MuseScore The continuous panel flashes a few times when it's first displayed active normal bug reports 1 1 day
MuseScore A way to get back to the previous editing position after pressing Escape (without using the mouse) active normal feature requests 0 1 day
MuseScore Impossible to get local time signature with timeSig(tick) fixed normal bug reports 3 1 day
MuseScore Changing soundfont, then sound in unrefreshed mixer causes crash active critical bug reports 5 1 day
MuseScore Trombone Range Problems needs info minor bug reports 10 1 day
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