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MuseScore Can't enable Pan roll during playback active normal bug reports 0 18 min
MuseScore MIDI Pickup Measure Detect Shows 8/4 Measure Instead of Pickup Followed by 4/4 Bar active minor bug reports 0 3 hours
MuseScore Crash When Changing "Clef Changes" Feature on imported MIDI files fixed critical bug reports 5 4 hours
MuseScore Ignore "parenthesized expressions" that precede lyric syllables active minor feature requests 5 6 hours
MuseScore Vertical frame moves to end of system and runs off page after delete of horizontal frame fixed normal bug reports 1 9 hours
MuseScore Layout changes after Select All fixed normal bug reports 4 11 hours
MuseScore Guitar Tab notation active normal feature requests 27 12 hours
MuseScore Newlines are deleted in the header and the footer active normal bug reports 3 13 hours
MuseScore Browsing menu items doesn't work (Alt + arrow keys) active normal bug reports 13 14 hours
MuseScore Footer text not honoring text alignment, loses carriage returns and italic/bold upon re-edit fixed normal bug reports 1 14 hours
MuseScore Stem offset not preserved on read fixed normal bug reports 1 15 hours
MuseScore Close modal window with Esc on Windows active normal feature requests 0 15 hours
MuseScore Parse verse number out of lyric and align lyric properly fixed normal feature requests Marc Sabatella 10 17 hours
MuseScore changes to tempo (the BPM of a tempo text) don't propagate between score and parts fixed normal bug reports 2 17 hours
MuseScore Ottava end anchor position is shifted right for single notes patch (ready to commit) normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 3 22 hours
MuseScore Crash when adding tempo text to a beat with no elements for some staff with linked part patch (ready to commit) critical bug reports Marc Sabatella 9 22 hours
MuseScore Layout shift on each layout - courtesy key signature calculation? active normal bug reports 7 1 day
MuseScore Breath playback is imprecise active minor bug reports 7 1 day
MuseScore Select only melody without others fixed normal bug reports 2 1 day
MuseScore During playback, display jumps to top of page if last staff of system is showing active normal bug reports 14 1 day
MuseScore Add note types 1024th, 512th and maxima active normal feature requests 7 1 day
MuseScore Synthesizer > Master Effects causes crash active critical bug reports 4 1 day
MuseScore Partname doesn't get shown on the part if it consists of more than one instrument active normal bug reports 8 1 day
MuseScore Some channels not exported to MIDI active normal bug reports 0 2 days
MuseScore Spacebar doesn't works after changing BPM value in Inspector active minor bug reports 2 2 days
MuseScore Staccatissimo sounds like legato patch (code needs review) normal bug reports Jojo-Schmitz 10 2 days
MuseScore Breath marks import incorrectly from 1.x files active normal bug reports 2 2 days
MuseScore Wrong beaming in parts with time signature change, crash on delete and/or undo active critical bug reports 8 2 days
MuseScore Tremolo channel not exported to audio active normal bug reports 1 3 days
MuseScore style settings for repeats patch (code needs review) minor bug reports 2 3 days
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