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Project Summary Status Priority Category Assigned to Replies Last updatedsort icon
MuseScore Login should stay in website domain; not working with strict privacy settings active normal bug reports Thomas 4 21 min
MuseScore Images jumps down when dragging from a palette fixed minor bug reports 1 44 min
MuseScore Repeating fingering manual adjustment fixed normal bug reports 7 1 hour
MuseScore Some channels not exported to MIDI fixed normal bug reports igevorse 3 1 hour
MuseScore Tempo from MIDI file not imported fixed normal bug reports 3 1 hour
MuseScore MIDI import panel is not displayed when opening a MIDI file fixed normal bug reports 2 1 hour
MuseScore Slurs are not saved if connecting with rests, and leads to a crash fixed critical bug reports 3 1 hour
MuseScore Plugin: context of new Score() call affects resulting score active normal bug reports 1 2 hours
MuseScore Manually adjusted slurs move on save/reload for small / scaled staves fixed normal bug reports Soolip 7 2 hours
MuseScore Cannot translate "Select workspace" and "Add new workspace" active normal bug reports 4 3 hours
MuseScore Beam distance incorrect in small staves fixed normal bug reports 1 3 hours
MuseScore Clicking on a note during playback causes crash active critical bug reports igevorse 12 4 hours
MuseScore The term "Palettes" doesn't get used in its translated form active normal bug reports 10 4 hours
MuseScore [MusicXML] import assumes beam=NONE if no beam information active minor bug reports 2 6 hours
MuseScore Crash on import of MIDI file needs info critical bug reports 2 8 hours
MuseScore During playback, display jumps to top of page if last staff of system is showing fixed normal bug reports 17 13 hours
MuseScore Selecting note or rest in one window repositions other window as well if viewing same score fixed normal bug reports 5 14 hours
MuseScore Ties in whole note chords with seconds not properly drawn across system break patch (ready to commit) normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 3 15 hours
MuseScore [Linux] Export as pdf impossible, cannot determine file type fixed minor bug reports jpfleury 26 15 hours
MuseScore Guitar Tab notation active normal feature requests 28 15 hours
MuseScore Score jumps out of focus in 2.0 beta1 fixed normal bug reports 8 18 hours
MuseScore MuseScore doesn't export port information to MIDI and MusicXML fixed normal tasks igevorse 4 23 hours
MuseScore Staccatissimo sounds like legato fixed normal bug reports Jojo-Schmitz 11 1 day
MuseScore Style/General window comes up larger than necessary fixed minor bug reports jpfleury 14 1 day
MuseScore Display-corruption on 'scroll music sheet' followed by 'move window' active normal bug reports 1 1 day
MuseScore default styles for "Instrument Name (Part)" and "Lyricist" collide fixed normal bug reports Jojo-Schmitz 2 1 day
MuseScore Ottava end anchor position is shifted right for single notes fixed normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 4 1 day
MuseScore Crash when adding tempo text to a beat with no elements for some staff with linked part fixed critical bug reports Marc Sabatella 11 1 day
MuseScore style settings for repeats patch (code needs review) minor bug reports 4 1 day
MuseScore Wrong position of the stems and beams in the TAB staves fixed normal bug reports 5 1 day
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