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Project Summary Status Priority Category Assigned to Replies Last updatedsort icon
MuseScore Position of save prompts differ if multiple fixed minor bug reports 3 57 sec
MuseScore Clarify template titles for "Liturgical" and "Closed Score" active minor bug reports 7 19 min
MuseScore Need a better way to tell 1.x and 2.0 appart active normal bug reports 1 35 min
MuseScore Musescore 2.0 Beta 1 fails to correctly load Open Goldberg Variations active minor tasks 3 36 min
MuseScore MuseScore 2.0 (Beta1) Strange behavior when changing Clef and then Time signature. active minor bug reports 0 3 hours
MuseScore make default page size locale-dependent fixed normal feature requests 18 7 hours
MuseScore Add capo support to tablature staff active normal feature requests Leon Vinken 4 9 hours
MuseScore Remake video tutorials for MuseScore 2.0 active normal tasks ChurchOrganist 6 9 hours
MuseScore MS 2.0 Beta 1 crashes when adding frames to parts active critical bug reports 0 10 hours
MuseScore Cannot recreate part name text in part in MS 2.0 Beta 1 active normal bug reports 0 10 hours
MuseScore Parts saved as MSCZ files from MS 2.0 Beta 1 do not save subsequent edits active critical bug reports 0 10 hours
MuseScore [MusicXML] import fails "overlapping hairpin not supported" active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 11 11 hours
MuseScore Style text doesn't apply correctly for some texts in 1.3 scores fixed normal bug reports 7 11 hours
MuseScore Deleting measure + mmrest deletes all content to end of score active critical bug reports 3 13 hours
MuseScore Opening MusicXML with ottava causes crash active critical bug reports Leon Vinken 2 13 hours
MuseScore Crash on exit in Windows XP, 7 active critical bug reports 2 14 hours
MuseScore non-transposing key signatures active normal feature requests 5 15 hours
MuseScore MuseScore 2.0 Beta1 No zoom with Ctrl+mouse (Mac) active normal bug reports 7 15 hours
MuseScore style settings for repeats active minor bug reports 1 17 hours
MuseScore Clean up default style settings fixed normal tasks 20 18 hours
MuseScore Short instrument name of multi-stave entry doesn't appear with hide empty staves and if top staff is hidden active normal bug reports 1 19 hours
MuseScore Wrong key when changing instrument active normal bug reports 3 19 hours
MuseScore Qt assertion failure crash opening Preferences on OSX 10.10 Yosemite fixed critical bug reports 2 19 hours
MuseScore Crash when undoing deletion of object after viewing part fixed critical bug reports 2 20 hours
MuseScore Creation of Part - header formatting could be improved fixed normal bug reports 2 21 hours
MuseScore Changes to instrument group produces wrong bracket span active normal bug reports 0 23 hours
MuseScore Updated locale_<lang>.zip files are not getting deleted after unzip fixed normal bug reports 1 23 hours
MuseScore Tempo texts are aligned incorrectly fixed normal bug reports 14 23 hours
MuseScore Cannot undo hyphen fixed normal bug reports 1 1 day
MuseScore Templates are outdated fixed normal tasks ChurchOrganist 51 1 day
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