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Project Summary Status Priority Category Assigned to Replies Last updatedsort icon
MuseScore Previous/Next Page in Find Scores of Start Centre active minor feature requests 0 2 min
MuseScore BŁĘDY WYKRYTE active normal bug reports sylwester.zydanowicz 0 15 min
MuseScore Ossia active normal feature requests 19 31 min
MuseScore Problems with new implementation of German chords active normal bug reports 0 1 hour
MuseScore Can't apply tremolo through stem to grace note active normal bug reports 4 2 hours
MuseScore Crash by selecting twice or once “all similar elements”, and in all the palettes. active critical bug reports 2 2 hours
MuseScore Impossible to tie to a grace note active normal bug reports 13 4 hours
MuseScore Crash when removing stave receiving cross-staff note patch (ready to commit) critical bug reports 4 4 hours
MuseScore Cross-staff notes don't paste well on linked tablature staff patch (ready to commit) minor bug reports 1 4 hours
MuseScore Start Centre shown when opening application via file active minor bug reports 1 5 hours
MuseScore Scores on don't play in Start Centre active normal bug reports 0 5 hours
MuseScore [MusicXML] Polymeter active normal feature requests 1 5 hours
MuseScore Tremolo through stem on grace note all eighths in 1.3 score active normal bug reports 0 5 hours
MuseScore Short and tick barlines do not always "stick" on saving. needs info minor bug reports 5 7 hours
MuseScore Crash when closing score active critical bug reports 1 7 hours
MuseScore Breath marks import incorrectly from 1.x files patch (code needs review) normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 4 9 hours
MuseScore Ties not correctly formed when adding an interval fixed normal bug reports 21 9 hours
MuseScore Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small patch (ready to commit) normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 6 11 hours
MuseScore Midi Flood LoopBe1 active normal bug reports igevorse 4 13 hours
MuseScore lyrics move line in parts fixed normal bug reports 3 13 hours
MuseScore Result of copying a shortened 2 note tremolo active critical bug reports bartlomiej_lewa... 2 17 hours
MuseScore Undo of chord symbol edit has no effect fixed normal bug reports Marc Sabatella 2 17 hours
MuseScore A way to get back to the previous editing position after pressing Escape (without using the mouse) active normal bug reports AndreiTuicu 4 18 hours
MuseScore tuplets not easily deleted fixed minor bug reports 6 21 hours
MuseScore Undo of concert pitch produces incorrect transposition active normal bug reports 2 21 hours
MuseScore ctrl-c does not work in Snapshot mode fixed normal bug reports 5 1 day
MuseScore Selection after multi-bar rests includes remaining bars fixed critical bug reports 27 1 day
MuseScore Wrong icons on Note Entry tab in Preferences fixed normal bug reports 8 1 day
MuseScore Transpose doesn't work correctly if score starts with mmRest fixed critical bug reports 1 1 day
MuseScore Changing note value after dragging time signature causes corruption and a crash in linked staves fixed critical bug reports 10 1 day
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