Articulations can be found in the Articulations palette.

    Articulations palette

    These include all kinds of accents, staccato and vibrato markings.

    Adding articulations to your score

    Articulations can be added to your score in any of three ways:


    Certain articulations (accent, marcato, staccato, and tenuto) can be added from the note input toolbar (above the document pane).

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Click on the desired icon in the articulations toolbar area.
      Articulations toolbar

    Articulations palette

    To add any articulation:

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Click on the desired articulation in the Articulations palette;

    Alternatively, drag and drop an articulation symbol from the palette to a notehead.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    To add an articulation with a keyboard shortcut (i.e. accent, marcato, staccato, or tenuto):

    1. Select one or more notes;
    2. Apply the relevant shortcut from the list below:
      • Accent: Shift+V
      • Marcato: Shift+O
      • Staccato: Shift+S
      • Tenuto: Shift+N

    Articulations playback

    Certain articulations affect note playback—such as staccato, staccatissimo, louré (tenuto + staccato), and accents. This is handled automatically by the program.

    Articulation properties

    For a selected articulation any editable properties will be shown in the Properties panel.

    Use the placement controls to either let MuseScore automatically choose the standard placement, or manually select above or below.

    Articulation placement

    • Placement: This alters the position of the symbol above or below the note.

    Articulation style

    Certain default properties for articulations can be edited in FormatStyleArticulations, Ornaments.

    Align with stem

    Alignment options

    • Align with stem
      Align with stem

    • Align with notehead
      Align with stem

    • Center between stem and notehead
      Align with stem

    Combined articulation options

    • Always keep together
      Always keep together

    • Prefer closeness to notehead (combined articulations may become separated)
      Prefer closeness to notehead