Issue with pdf conversions

• feb 2, 2022 - 10:30

I have this issue with a piece I've trying to get into musescore, but for some reason it adds the rest in the measure shown in the red circle. That's not on the original piece, and it also makes said measure twice as long as it should be. The piece is written in 4/4, this measure would be 8/4 as far as I'm concerned, but I'm new to this stuff.
Musescore doesn't let me remove the rest at all, I've tried deleting the entire measure and re-writing it, but that's not working whatsoever.

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actual piece.PNG 6.96 KB
musescore issue.PNG 13.85 KB



Du kan løse det på mindst to måder
1) ændre taktarten i takten til det den skal være og sætte den til usynlig i inspector panelet
2) Du kan markere den pause du vil skjule og sætte den til usynlig

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