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This page shows old instructions for MuseScore 2.
For MuseScore 4 users, see Fingering.

    Fingering symbols for various instruments are found in the Fingering palette in the Advanced workspace.

    Fingering palette

    • Keyboard music employs the numbers 1–5 to represent fingers of the left or right hand. There is also a fingering positioner plugin to help you optimize the layout of piano or keyboard fingerings.

    • Guitar music uses the numbers 0–4 to represent left-hand fingering (T is occasionally used for the thumb). Right-hand fingering is indicated by the letters p, i, m, a, c. Circled numbers represent instrument strings.

    • The last five symbols in the palette are used for lute fingering in historical music. Note: To enable display of fingering in tablature, right-click on the TAB, select Staff Properties...Advanced style properties, and tick "Show Fingerings".

    Add fingering to a single note

    Use any of the following methods:

    • Select a note and double click one of the fingering symbols in a Palette.
    • Drag and drop a fingering symbol from a palette onto a note

    When fingering is added to a note, the focus immediately shifts to the symbol, so you can adjust it right away.

    Add fingering to several notes

    1. Select the desired notes;
    2. Double-click a fingering symbol in a palette.

    Adjust position of fingering

    Single fingering

    To change the position of one symbol, use any of the following methods:

    • For fine adjustments (0.1 sp) use the arrow keys; For larger adjustments (1 sp) use Ctrl+Arrow.
    • Change horizontal and vertical offsets in the Inspector.
    • Drag the symbol using your mouse.

    Multiple fingering

    To change the position of multiple symbols:

    1. Select the desired fingering symbols;
    2. Adjust using the horizontal and vertical offset fields in the Inspector.

    Note: You can also use the fingering positioner plugin mentioned above to optimize the layout of piano fingerings.

    To restore a symbol to its default position, select it and press Ctrl+R.

    Edit fingering text

    Fingering is a form of text symbol and can be edited and styled like any other. Right-clicking on the symbol gives you a range of options.

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