Program installs but won't start

• jan 17, 2015 - 17:09

So this program looks fantastic I thought, exactly what I was looking for. A no brainer to try it out...

Only I've tried installing both v1.3 and the v2 beta (PC, win7 pro, intel i7 laptop), and though it seems to go through the install ok as soon as it tries to load I get the 'mscore.exe has stopped working' notice and no further joy.

I've tried installing/running it as administrator and uninstalled/reinstalled about a dozen times now. I've tried running it from the command line to reset factory defaults in case it was starting a bad script. And there I run out of ideas. If anyone has any other ideas, please shout them my way.



'mscore.exe' hints at either 1.3 or 2.0 Beta 1, as of 2.0 Beta 2 should be called MuscScore.exe.
So which is the failing one, or are both failing? Which of the 2 you have reset to factory?

Just to say I managed to fix the problem. An old audio driver (for a digidesign 002) hadn't uninstalled correctly. When I finally managed to rid the registry of references to it, both versions of musescore ran first time. Now to get learning...

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Hi. Just rooted around my recycle bin to find it for you. It was a part of that set of drivers certainly, I can't be 100% on the exact version as I installed a few and don't know which exactly didn't uninstall. Was one of...

002_003 rack drivers v90265 or v90_69605
003 console 9 0 6

I believe the file that was causing the problem was called MMERefresh.exe

I found it referenced in the startup procedure (wherever that was, im new to win7 so it all took a bit longer than it should have) and also running in windows task manager. I stopped and disabled it before I could delete the digidesign folder with all of the defunct drivers.

And success. Yay! Hope thats of some use.

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