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Forum topic Bin sehr enttäuscht von dem ganzen Musescore-Projekt. Guenther.Radlherr 5 vor 7 Minuten
Forum topic use createchords plugin into Musescore 3.3.0 atzeboya 2 vor 13 Minuten
Issue Score Editing Slow Commander Continuey 31 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Convincing a Music department to drop Mac's and Sibelius interele 30 vor einer Stunde
Issue "Customize Toolbar" not persistent Trainzack 7 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic Latest version of Musescore will not install successfully CMHdeV 13 vor 3 Stunden
Forum topic Clef change placement Ryan 7 vor 4 Stunden
Issue (Some?) text styles imported with wrong (Y?) offsets from 2.x scores Miwarre 3 vor 4 Stunden
Issue Reading ver. 2.x score ignores all text style offsets Miwarre 7 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Zero-length figured-bass continuations, streaks, etc. Notes for the wary. BSG 3 vor 5 Stunden
Forum topic Copyright Text - Page one only Ryan 2 vor 5 Stunden
Issue Downloads: make a Linux AppImage of MS3 available for 32-bit PCs geetar 2 vor 5 Stunden
Issue Context menus not accessible Marc Sabatella 12 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic Wiederholungsende und -anfang an der selben Stelle muselman 2 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic rests to be moved upstair andrea.menestrello 7 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic playback last 2 bars Gene Gaunt 4 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic Multiple time signatures mailmom 2 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Support for (a more complex) additive time signature tvaz 1 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Screenreader info for RNA not good Marc Sabatella 4 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Import from 2.3.2 may create useless user text style "Figured bass" Miwarre 4 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Please add "pf" dynamic - per SMuFL glyph (U+E52E - dynamicPF) DanielR 15 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Change note colour on play back nasimwali1 1 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Playback speed stopped working-- won't play at the marked speed anymore, just on one composition. jolieb 8 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Palette panel blank/inaccessible on high-res monitors calculuswhiz 5 vor 8 Stunden
Issue Volta line properties drresuelve 3 vor 9 Stunden