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Issue Inspector width has increased significantly for "text" elements geetar 10 vor eine Minute
Forum topic WAT!? (Random score showcase) Iothes 24 vor 4 Minuten
Issue Size of note in certain tempo marks is far too big geetar 3 vor 49 Minuten
Issue Chord Identifier is adding extra notes to the sheet bokatummtukote 9 vor 51 Minuten
Forum topic Adding lyrics adds a note rodav 12 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic SOLVED: Problem with skipped Voltas msokol 2 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Playback of crescendos and decrescendos during held notes brainperspective 11 vor einer Stunde
Issue MS steals focus after a focus-change if a dialogue box is open worldwideweary 3 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Insert new measures before or after selected Stefni 17 vor einer Stunde
Issue Sequence Track Name MIDI messages wrongly null-terminated jacobtylerwal 10 vor einer Stunde
Issue -Wdeprecated-copy compilation warnings for Linux GCC 9.3.0 Minerscale 2 vor einer Stunde
Issue Tremolos with custom style appear to be default when opening score Hayashi Neru 5 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic Export individual parts to .mp3 maria.rinaldi.56884 4 vor 3 Stunden
Issue Add cross-staff notation across 3+ staves Luke Ehrke 3 vor 3 Stunden
Issue MusicXML: Fretboard Diagrams do not import after exporting worldwideweary 1 vor 3 Stunden
Issue Add page and system breaks via command line shoogle 5 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Musescore "doesn't support this version of mscz files yet". Help? Musical Brit 34 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Odd short-to-long instrument naming behavior, like a Section Break is being inserted. marty strasinger 2 vor 5 Stunden
Issue Palette search command (shortcut) not engaging when palette is floating worldwideweary 10 vor 5 Stunden
Forum topic MusicXML leadsheet import infojunkie 12 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic quarter note triplet rcjferrara 24 vor 10 Stunden
Issue Fretboard diagram multiple dots don't include open string zoffix 6 vor 10 Stunden
Forum topic Chord with ornament(s), engraving rule question hhpmusic 7 vor 12 Stunden
Forum topic Playback of offset-dynamics messed up in web-interface ? Massimo_73 2 vor 12 Stunden
Issue New Export dialog (pdfs etc.) has too many steps geetar 4 vor 12 Stunden