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Issue Messed up beams during save Timothy Cho 3 vor 9 Minuten
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Issue Can a plugin access on-time/off-time? DLLarson 85 vor 45 Minuten
Forum topic Musescore 3 playback randomly omitting notes in lowest octave of the (grand) piano Dazzyls 7 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Sound is having serious stutters and issues during Playback. Lloydus13 127 vor 2 Stunden
Issue [MacOS X] Export Pdf with Muse Jazz Text all garbled and unreadable Unknown Prodigy 36 vor 2 Stunden
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Issue repeated notes cellosven 3 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Horn in C transposition Jonah Chang in A442 14 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Unambigious directions to install on chromebook willemw 20 vor 4 Stunden
Issue Inspector: make section headers easier to see geetar 5 vor 4 Stunden
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Forum topic Stimmen verbinden schafnase 5 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic Measure Lengths changing when exporting to mxl Timothy Ruszala 4 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Play panel and Synthesizer: double-clicking the master fader resets Master Volume to wrong level (-20db) geetar 8 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Umbruch nicht möglich – warum? Mercabo 2 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Linking notes to tablature on four frets manually mpvick 18 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Musscore and vsti G-Sun 1 vor 9 Stunden
Forum topic I can't open the link to a big band composition named "Fast Jazz" because the score is hidden. If only I knew the name of the user. Here's the link: Daniel M. Berhe 4 vor 9 Stunden
Issue Wrong format mm vs Inch pkappetein69 1 vor 9 Stunden
Issue Port the add/remove functions that exist on the Chord cpp end into the 3.x Plugin API wrapper rob@birdwellmu… 17 vor 11 Stunden