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Handbook Installation unter Linux Jojo-Schmitz 0 vor 2 Stunden
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Issue [GP] Slurs are not imported cadiz1 6 vor 5 Stunden
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Handbook Griffbrettdiagramme Jojo-Schmitz 0 vor 8 Stunden
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Forum topic Improving Plugin "Color Notes" Danilo Chaib 17 vor 11 Stunden
Forum topic How do you find other languages on new .org site? mike320 4 vor 16 Stunden
Issue Allow filtering of plugins by version number mike320 2 vor 21 Stunden
Forum topic Adding System-text with the letter 'p' show piano on the screen theoderks 4 vor 21 Stunden
Forum topic Playback wrong spojaw 8 vor 22 Stunden
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Issue Edit arpeggios, brackets, spacers and stems causes a crash cadiz1 7 vor einem Tag
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Forum topic Nightly builds - 3.0 theoderks 2 vor einem Tag
Issue Barlines extend over multiple staves by adding a staff/staves to an instrument cadiz1 4 vor einem Tag
Issue Preferences Dialog: OK, Apply, Cancel buttons are not translated JLWaltener 13 vor einem Tag
Issue Crash when adding fermata on barline in part for staff >1 when score has spanning barlines lasconic 5 vor einem Tag
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