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Forum topic Files made in 3.0.1 don't open in 2.3.2 outoftheframe 4 vor 31 Minuten
Issue Lyrics Line Numbering Not Working Bengie 2 vor 33 Minuten
Issue Provide a way to attach a slur to a specific note within a chord ydysms1 9 vor 33 Minuten
Forum topic Extra Rests SmokinLettuce 11 vor 57 Minuten
Forum topic Watermarks jandtgeen1 16 vor einer Stunde
Issue Playback Issue General Stall 2 vor einer Stunde
Issue Select all glissandos in Range Selection fails mike320 8 vor einer Stunde
Issue remove MDL ends in crash jeetee 6 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic automatic placement (of bows) Allthetones 24 vor 2 Stunden
Issue Single note dynamics not visible in MIDI output files 18 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic Scores are in disarray after updating to MuseScore 3 Megan R 5 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic musescore 3 does not position lyrics right if Music was written in Musescore 2. Shirly Lyubomirsky 9 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic Only the Start Center is showing up when I open Musescore kittenwarriorcat 10 vor 3 Stunden
Forum topic Arrow arpeggio in tablature doesn't appear in standard notation brettvachon 5 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Score Bar is drawn off Allthetones 11 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Separate beaming Colby Spangler 5 vor 4 Stunden
Issue [Regression] Edits after first system cause additional space to accumulate between systems Marc Sabatella 5 vor 4 Stunden
Forum topic Unable to use Jazz font in Musescore 3 SodapopTrumpet 6 vor 5 Stunden
Forum topic accessing "scores window" is odd Beths 7 vor 5 Stunden
Forum topic MDL issues Isaac Weiss 19 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic Glissando's not selectable in range MichLeon 11 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic wiederholung wird nicht abgespielt gerrybass 2 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Comma as a shortcut won't get saved gfeuer 16 vor 7 Stunden
Issue Turning off auto placement globally remove leading space in measures mike320 5 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic Help! Saved file won't open csantiago11 33 vor 7 Stunden