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Issue Add playback support for microtonal accidentals book4951 3 vor 17 Minuten
Forum topic More microtuning support Flora Canou 4 vor 18 Minuten
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Issue Input notes through Midi does not work luisromeroest 1 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic MuseScore 4 handbook update: contributions sought! bradleykunda 36 vor 3 Stunden
Forum topic Last System Fill Threshold rothers 10 vor 5 Stunden
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Forum topic change page Lee seol min 2 vor 6 Stunden
Forum topic How to use M-Vave Chocolate Wireless MIDI Controller with MuseScore? Indrek Aarelaid 1 vor 6 Stunden
Issue Crash when adding/removing brackets to/from notehead (tested in tab mode) Ilmeni 1 vor 10 Stunden
Forum topic Mac: No Midi I/O PortAudio, No Synthesizer, No Playback Steve Tulk 2 vor 10 Stunden
Forum topic Repetition and jumps omartaleb215 3 vor 16 Stunden
Issue Preference window collapses when resizing tjdickinson 13 vor 17 Stunden
Forum topic changing default settings Martin Willis 8 vor 18 Stunden
Forum topic Musescore 4 Alpha 2 Installation Message FBXOPWKDOIR 5 vor 19 Stunden
Forum topic "D.C. al Fine" liefert anderes (unerwartetes) Ergebnis peterfis 9 vor 21 Stunden
Forum topic pick up note playback help Don9of11 6 vor 22 Stunden
Issue 4x-dev; In edit mode some score objects move in steps of 0.5 sp., rather than 0.1 sp. geetar 4 vor 22 Stunden
Forum topic bar numbering adrian5 21 vor 23 Stunden
Forum topic Keyboard shortcuts for toggling Mute/Solo for channels? greysakalinaw 19 vor einem Tag