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Issue Please add Scottish Gaelic "Getting started" guide GunChleoc 9 vor 7 Minuten
Issue Request for ornaments and articulations to implement playback using channel changes where appropriate Quaver Crafter 7 vor 29 Minuten
Issue Ornaments & Articulations translations missing GunChleoc 2 vor 30 Minuten
Issue 2.3rc (2.2.10) does not compile on many platforms (assumes signed char) mirabilos 12 vor 37 Minuten
Issue Line/Ottava Text properties do not apply user-defined vertical offsetting properly worldwideweary 5 vor 38 Minuten
Issue Help files missing from start center GunChleoc 1 vor 40 Minuten
Issue Extensions are permanently installed (no way to uninstall) Isaac Weiss 15 vor 53 Minuten
Forum topic Chord Playback tuckertulbert 31 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Adding a flat sign to a chord! pandasg1 7 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic How to change the tempo MusicTeacherBoronia 2 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Transpose multiple files lindscastellano 2 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Still time to make suggestions to go into 2.3? RobFog 5 vor einer Stunde
Forum topic Ability to record your parts into Musescore real time! dickiefunk 17 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic Problems importing a MuseScore-exported midi file into my DAW joeshirley 4 vor 2 Stunden
Forum topic To include into the menu options jotape1960 9 vor 7 Stunden
Forum topic YOU TUBE MALFUNCTION delhud2 7 vor 8 Stunden
Forum topic Adding a paragraph of text Adinol 25 vor 10 Stunden
Forum topic Bei Eingabe automatisches Vorrücken unterbinden tuxan 2 vor 11 Stunden
Forum topic Saving scores in two formats Slowpoke 13 vor 13 Stunden
Forum topic Can't print PDF from musescore aboi 2 vor 14 Stunden
Forum topic The piano sound on muse score sounds different but much better. So how can I get a keyboard that sounds like the one on here Lmayo 8 vor 14 Stunden
Forum topic Change first measure to a pickup measure hill0093 5 vor 14 Stunden
Issue Checking "Show first" with an interval of 1 for measure numbers under Style->General... only shows measure number 1. mike320 2 vor 17 Stunden
Forum topic Help to input scores Edmund Goo 6 vor 17 Stunden
Forum topic Keyboard sound spojaw 2 vor 19 Stunden