MuseScore 2.0.3 is released

Since the release of MuseScore 2.0.2 last July, MuseScore development has been continuous. New contributors alongside old friends have been fixing bugs and adding enhancements. We are therefore very pleased to release MuseScore 2.0.3, the stablest and most powerful MuseScore yet.

Download MuseScore 2.0.3

New features

This release represents a patch update to the 2.0 series, with the most important changes being the fixes for the critical bugs that were reported in previous versions of MuseScore (not to mention quite a number of smaller bugs that were fixed, too). But at the same time, like we did with MuseScore 2.0.2, we couldn’t resist including some more visible enhancements. As a result, we have added several features not present in MuseScore before, along with improvements to MuseScore’s notation, playback, and UI.

For the full list of more than 200 changes, check out the release notes.

  • Cresc. and dim. dashed lines (cresc.   _     _     _     _     _ )
  • Localized translations of "Getting Started" interactive tutorial score
  • Adding ties to notes already entered will be possible without leaving note input mode
  • Built-in "revert to factory settings" command
  • Reorder linked parts is now possible in Parts dialog
  • Copy lyrics to clipboard tool under Edit → Tools
  • New compressor effect in the Synthesizer
  • Keyboard shortcut for sforzato/accent (default Shift+V), matching shortcuts for staccato, tenuto, and marcato
  • New instruments supported: more trumpets and cornets, traverso (baroque flute), contra guitar
  • Twenty new default guitar fretboard diagrams in Advanced workspace and Master Palette
  • Option in Preferences → Canvas to show pages scrolling vertically or horizontally
  • Marching percussion sounds included by default

Additionally, we’re happy to announce that now Linux users can directly download MuseScore 2.0.3 for their systems, just like Windows and Mac users. This is possible thanks to the AppImage packaging format, which runs on pretty much all Linux distributions. You no longer need to wait for the latest version to be packaged for your system. Get a copy from and you’re ready to go.


Kudos to the 40+ developers who volunteered their time and effort towards MuseScore 2.0.3, and the hundreds of translators and documentation writers. All your efforts have made the world a more musical place. Thank you all!

Looking forward

Even as we’ve been crafting MuseScore 2.0.3 for release, we’ve begun work on the next major version of MuseScore—MuseScore 3.0!

The changes lined up are every bit as significant as the changes that went into making MuseScore 2 from MuseScore 1.

We’re looking for more developers to join the community as part of the MuseScore 3 effort. As MuseScore is free and open source, anyone can get the source and share code contributions on GitHub. And of course, non-programmer MuseScore users can also contribute—we welcome your feedback on the MuseScore forums, and you can always make a donation to support the future of MuseScore. But above all, you can help MuseScore most by spreading the word and sharing MuseScore with your friends and family!


Thanks to the team!
Dowload is started.

I echo, thanks to all and to IsaacWeissCardShark for the announcement ...

I thought to myself, "do I really need to download this?"...then I read "Adding ties to notes already entered will be possible without leaving note input mode". OOOHHHH YEAH!

Regarding that feature: just cursor back to the first note you want tied and hit the tie button. Added bonus: you can also tie complete chords in note input mode, both this way and when initially entering the notes.

The bug fixes are *extremely* signifcant. Lots and lots of crashes, corruptions, and other bad behaviors are fixed. So really, *everyone* should download this.

On Linux, do you recommend installing an AppImage on top of an existing 2.0.2 installation that used apt-get?

you don't "Install" an AppImage currently. You just download it, chmod +x, and execute it whenever you want to run MuseScore. I say you should use the 2.0.3 AppImage at least until your linux distro repo gets 2.0.3.

Of course! I should have realized that. I read the words and everything, it still didn't click somehow.

Sure, but the ties thing was definitely an incentive.

"I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it-


The portable version is still 2.0.2.

How to update, without loosing the shortcuts, workspaces and paletts?

This is a "minor" update, your existing settings should not be affected.

Why isn't Musescore telling me there's an update like last time?

The plan is to wait 24 hours or so to make sure nothing terrible is suddenly happening before fully committing to pushing the new version.

Last time, there were reports of playback being staticky in the hours after 2.0.2 was released, forcing an additional fix—so if you downloaded MuseScore 2.0.2 any time after those first few hours, you're really using MuseScore ;-) But if everything seems to be working, then you can expect fairly soon the automatic update check will be letting users know about 2.0.3, and this post will be promoted to the front page.

Well done everyone and thank you.

Portable version update to follow?

@geetar The developer of the Portable Windows version has been notified and we know he is on it since he reported a bug this morning #104936: Upgrade to 2.0.3 eats settings: custom soundfont path is lost

Status of outdated portable apps could be found here:

Well done and many thanks, team! :)
Being aware of the mechanism of software development, I think I'm going to wait a little bit before updating, though. Let's say one week or something.

For the record, the release actually went live last Friday, but "under the radar" to give time for early adopters to find any showstoppers. So it's already been almost a week :-).

I'm so glad that we can now add ties without leaving Note Input Mode! A minor nitpick I had now fixed! Thank you!

To be clear, it was *always* possible to add ties without leaving note input mode - just nto for chords, and not if for some reason you had enter more notes after the first note then changed you mind and decided you wanted to tie it. But pressing the tie button always worked after entering a single note. We've just extended it to work in other cases as well.

I just saved about 3 hours of work before the update and then copied it into a backup folder just in case. Still lost my work.

@Llcoolsouder do you think the data loss is linked with the update? If so, please elaborate.

Also, if you copied it to a backup folder, then it is not lost, correct? Can you please be more specific about what actually happened?

I have just downloaded this new version, and not all notes seem to be played back as soon as I enter them. Could the update be a reason for this?

Rmeotely possible, but more likely you are simply trying to enter notes that are outside the ranges of the isntruments involved. Feel free to start a new thread and attach the specific score you are having problems with.

When will you be fixing the trombone/bass clarinet sounds and adding marching percussion?

Trombone and bass clarinet, at some point in the future; marching percussion, three days ago. Download 2.0.3 and check it out! :-)

Wow! I didnt even notice! Thank you guys so much!!! I love this program!

Thank you guys! I'm enjoying this new version!
I'm sorry I didn't have the time to complete the translation. Nevertheless I'm spreading the word amongst portuguese users and they are ALL quite happy.
Nuno=Don Giovanni

Yoi can still continue on the translations, users can update them on the fly

I will :-)

I listened to one of my scores after downloading this, and I noticed that the mixing had changed, and after putting all the parts at the same volume in the mixer, it sounded really good. Does this mean that different instruments having different default volumes was a bug? (for example, the clean elec. guitar sound was really overpowered, and all other guitar sounds were underpowered.)

I believe a few instruments had their default volumes tweaked between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3, but only a very few (timpani might have been one?). So if you're using the default soundfont in both versions, you should have heard a difference here and there, but mostly things should have been the same. Is it possible when you made your adjustments before, you were using a different sondfont? Each soundfont will have its own quirks.

No, I used default for both then and now. People always say that the midi sounds used aren't very good, but I don't mind them too much.

Yeah, they're not too bad for playback!

My Windows 10 machine is telling me that "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package." I tried both running the msi as administrator using a regedit trick, and again through a command prompt as admin. No happy. Any ideas?

The first thing I would try is to download the msi again.

Did that, too. Still no happy.

forget it
try to take a look (HTH)

Well, now. It seems that the msi file needed to be in the root of the drive; the path f:\[username]\Downloads was too complicated for it. And I should note that the metavariable [username] is actually about five characters longer than my actual username. But your link to the previous problem solved the current problem. Thing is, I don't remember having to go through that with the 2.0.2 version. But the problem has been resolved; thank you very much.

Hi all how is the new scrolling horizontally option supposed to work ? I have made sure that the box is checked under canvas in preference. I have my score open in continuous view. Is the scrolling supposed to be done by using the right and left arrow keys on my key board ?

the horizontal mode is not new, the vertical one is, and affectes page mode only.
Scrolling works via scroll well up/down for up and down and Ctrl+scroll wheel up/down for left and right, and that ain't new either.


Unfortunately I had to downgrade back to V 2.0.2 because I could not work with the new V 2.0.3...
On a macbook you can zoom in and out with two fingers on your trackpad, BUT in V 2.0.3 this didn't work like it should. You can still zoom in and out in this way, but it doesn't zoom where your cursor is, it always zooms somewhere in the upper left corner... that makes working with it so much slower...

The other thing was scrolling. In V 2.0.2 scrolling on large projects works fluently, in V 2.0.3 it just jiggles, it's definitely unusable on a MacBook Air (1,4GHz i5 early 2014 - OSX 10.11.4)

The third thing i cannot understand is, why are the icons and every other thing 5 times as big as before? On my 11" Macbook, I cannot even find my score...
Of course you can change the settings of icons, but unfortunately you cannot change the size of every program-thing...

V 2.0.3 is absolutely useless for me, what a pity, I hope they change this three basic settings and things back to the setup they had in V 2.0.2 and earlier. I'm a MuseScore-user since V 1.x and every version worked perfectly and every upgrade was an improvement until now.. :-(

Sounds like something unusual is going on with your particular system. I suggest opening a new thread and attaching a specific score you are having trouble with in terms of zooming and scrolling, also a screen shot showing trhe icon issue. I don't remember anything changing from 2.0.2 regarding zooming or scrolling, but we definitely made improvements to how icons are sized that depend on MuseScore being able to detect your screen resolution correctly. Apparently, a small number of systems are reporting the reoslution incorrectly, and we don't understasnd why yet, but we would need your helop to udnerstasnd what unique thing might be going on with your system to trigger this so we can come up with a solution.

alright, thanks!
I opened a new thread here:

Thank you so much, This software is amazing, I'm using it for all my current comp's. Love all the new updates. Where would I be without it. Note to developers - Don't suppose you could add an option for rit's and rall's please, would be most useful!! Thanks once again and keep up the fab work.
From a well satisfied customer!!

You're welcome and thank you! As to rits and ralls, check out —there's a link to a plugin that you might find useful (though we still hope to get something built-in for this).

Still looking forward to the day when drumrolls are added. 32nd tremolos aren't cutting it nealy as sharply.

Tip: Use 16th tremolos.

I as secretly wishing for the vertically scrolling option :D Excellent! Thank you!!!

Thanks! But there is a translation issue (Estonian) - MP3 Audio was translated as Wave audio :S
So I see 2 options to export to .wav instead.
Fixed it in Transifex.

Can you still get the marching percussion sound of your using another soundfont?

No. The marching percussion playback is entirely dependent on the SoundFont.

So apparently my Musescore upgraded to 2.0.3 already, before I was notified by any E-mail. Is this normal?

@kiel98 The communication about a new release comes in stages. It starts with targeted communication and ends with the mailing list. One of the reasons is because we need to give MuseScore package maintainers (Linux and Portable Windows in particular) the time create their packages. Another reason is because we want to make sure the new release is as solid as possible. Hope this answers your question.

MuseScore does not automatically update—the only way to get a new version is to go to the MuseScore website and download it. However, 2.0.3 was actually released three weeks ago, so if you downloaded it since then, you would be out ahead of the newsletter.

I was using MuseScore one day and it told me: "A new version of MuseScore is available. Would you like to download it?"

And I assume you did? I wouldn't call that "my Musescore upgraded," because if you didn't choose to download the new version nothing would have happened.

I only ever meant that I was notified and did it before this newsletter and was confused. That's all.

Okay. Well, yeah, the newsletter came a couple of weeks after the fact.

Thank you so much. And next: Mircotone playback.

Thanks for the constant improvements to musescore! Are there plans for a two and four bar repeat feature in an upcoming release. That would be awesome!

Might I inquire as to what kind of programming skills go into these package updates?

How long is it likely to be before version 2.0.3 is added to the Debian Ubuntu PPA at Launchpad, please?

I can't answer that, but do be aware you no longer have to wait for official updates on Linux now that we support the AppImage format, which you can downlaod directly form this site (see Downloads link in menu at right of this page).

Hello Musescore designer. When I select a musicpart from a G- and an F-staffed system. I select from left-up to right-down. So the left-down note will be active. So when I want to copy mij selection and want to put this copy a few measures ahead, I cant get the right place when moving by just pressing the right-arrow-button. This is because a selection is taken from left-up to right-down and if the G-staff is active and there start to put the copied notes always the selection which start at the left-up note which was written on the F-staff. This is very irritating and is so to see easily to change/correct in the program bij people who know how this works.
So thank you in advance.

This might not be the right way to reach a capable person to do this, but if you know who or how, then send this forward... in the right way to the right person please?

You need to move this discussion to the forums here:

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