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Issue The "What links here" section in issues don't get updated anymore Jojo-Schmitz 7 31 seconds ago
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Forum topic Old score: system and lyric spacing not what I am used to seeing on my new scores hawstom 1 2 hours ago
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Issue Ability to have natural sign in Chord names. xavierjazz 5 2 hours ago
Forum topic Typing a natural sign in a chord symbol Jake Sterling 28 2 hours ago
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Issue Incorrect stem position for wide noteheads Anatoly-os 2 3 hours ago
Forum topic Private scores, Groups and Search on the app Pete_Alan 4 3 hours ago
Forum topic How do I create a score with multiple song parts (not instrument parts)? hlongmore 3 4 hours ago
Issue Corruption on operations involving measures with local time signature and modified actual duration Marc Sabatella 7 4 hours ago
Issue Change of measure number with inspector is lost if saving the score and re-opening it Joachim Backes 6 4 hours ago
Issue Selecting tempo from the tempo palette shows only quarternotes and dotted quarternotes Joachim Backes 4 4 hours ago
Issue Editing text leads to crash cadiz1 7 4 hours ago
Issue Selection with Ctlr + click is broken by clicking on the canvas cadiz1 6 4 hours ago
Issue [mscz import] crash when importing file with fermata Leon Vinken 5 4 hours ago
Issue Changes to a score cause all fermatas over a barline to be discarded DanielR 7 4 hours ago
Issue All guitar barre lines have shifted out of position geetar 5 4 hours ago
Issue empty new lines in text boxes need to be displayed lower ericfontainejazz 4 4 hours ago