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Issue Slur positioning bad in tight spacing yheintz 3 12 hours ago
Issue Mixer displays Zerberus patch names even though Fluid is being used JohnJ1995 4 12 hours ago
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Issue 'Measure numbers every system' should place numbers after split measures Belteshazzar_ 11 12 hours ago
Forum topic 'measure numbers every system' option should number first counted measure Belteshazzar_ 27 12 hours ago
Issue [MusicXML] Layout exports despite being disabled in Preferences chen lung 12 13 hours ago
Forum topic Minim tremolo _xXx_Pug_xXx_ 8 13 hours ago
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Issue Better selection of Orchestra Instruments Laurelin 11 13 hours ago
Issue Resizing Measures BernardClint 4 14 hours ago
Issue Frames: Inserting measures causes a crash geetar 5 14 hours ago
Issue Instrument change transposition ignored in scores imported from 2.x Ronan Bodisch 18 14 hours ago
Forum topic first song Jack Wilde 3 15 hours ago
Issue Removing check from line visible has no effect mike320 16 15 hours ago
Issue Pedal marks are still visible when set to invisible Howard_C. 15 15 hours ago
Issue Changing to unsused voice in re-pitch mode causes crash mike320 3 15 hours ago
Issue Instrument change added via double-click while in continuous view does not appear in score mike320 10 15 hours ago
Issue Crash when switching to continuous view on a particular score dmitrio95 3 15 hours ago
Issue cant play from selection when going to part view jaac 9 15 hours ago
Issue AirPod Playback EmmetDoherty 2 15 hours ago
Issue Updating a score doesn't update its audio Howard_C. 6 15 hours ago
Issue Chord symbols messed up on import 2.x => 3.0 Louis Cloete 1 15 hours ago
Issue System text ignored during autoplace when top staff hidden Laurelin 8 15 hours ago