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Issue Score display does not respond to unchecking of "Begin/Continue/End text" boxes ClarkAlmighty 21 8 hours ago
Issue Lines palette: duplicate symbols geetar 6 8 hours ago
Issue Override of interpretation does not work in Realize Chord Symbols Marc Sabatella 6 8 hours ago
Issue Cannot remove selected range after right-click of non-range Marc Sabatella 5 8 hours ago
Issue [MusicXML import] Musescore crashes when loading .mxl file containing incomplete tuplet tjdickinson 13 8 hours ago
Issue Revert default zoom type to “100%” Spire42 6 8 hours ago
Issue Element dragging with modifier keys [ctrl/shift] incorrectly apply offsettings of previous drags worldwideweary 7 8 hours ago
Issue Chord symbol playback: better defaults Jojo-Schmitz 19 8 hours ago
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Issue Key Signatures are inaccurate in parts compared to the score nicolyon1005 5 11 hours ago
Forum topic Drumset edits get lost hungaristani 7 12 hours ago
Forum topic Turn off automatic rests? mikec 106 13 hours ago
Forum topic Request the ability to rearrange newly created time signatures BFI221 10 14 hours ago
Issue Ability to enter Tabs for diatonic fretted instruments cadiz1 12 14 hours ago
Forum topic Articulation sample selection - Alternative to keyswitching DrewCollier 0 15 hours ago
Forum topic Extend score by adding more measures at the end? lqmanik 2 15 hours ago
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Forum topic staff distance? aeLiXihr 33 16 hours ago
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Issue MIDI Input does not work on Linux willy3 21 17 hours ago
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