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Book page Compile instructions (macOS) - Git Riaan van Niekerk 0 4 weeks ago
Issue macOS Title bars in MuseScore are still bright in dark mode David Copperfield 18 1 month ago
Issue MuseScore 3.5 is not available on the PortableApps.com site & Platform application Riaan van Niekerk 11 1 month ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0.4 on macOS is crashing on startup. Nevin Williams 87 1 month ago
Issue [macOS] Speakers crackle loudly when other apps play audio Harrison Ivaz 13 1 month ago
Issue MuseScore 3 is not available as a PortableApp on Windows Riaan van Niekerk 45 3 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3.3 can't be opened in macOS 10.15 Catalina dafgonza 57 4 months ago
Issue Musicwon't play in my bluetooth headphones Corbin Montenegro 3 4 months ago
Issue Un-docked widgets non-intuitive to re-dock on macOS Riaan van Niekerk 23 4 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3.4.2 on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" Conner7710 44 4 months ago
Issue Allow instrument name change by double or right-clicking name in score Gertjan Veenstra 32 5 months ago
Forum topic Musescore on iOS mpeill 17 5 months ago
Blog GSoC 2020 Week 2 BC (Before Coding): Repeats, Rests, and Counting Overview Isaac Weiss 16 5 months ago
Forum topic Musescore 3 won't open on Mac timothywilsdon… 6 7 months ago
Forum topic Paste Double duration /Paste Half Duration discoverability Riaan van Niekerk 11 7 months ago
Forum topic Converting Musescore files to xml files. Dan Golden 41 7 months ago
Issue Provide way to track or home in on the cursor or last change Riaan van Niekerk 6 7 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Released Anatoly-os 116 8 months ago
Forum topic Can't Be Opened On iMac kimbrianroda 3 8 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.0 Beta Release Anatoly-os 174 9 months ago
Issue Delete option in Measure context and Edit menus is confusing since it does not delete the measure Riaan van Niekerk 4 9 months ago
Issue Right-click on an object does not highlight the object before showing the context menu geetar 12 9 months ago
Forum topic Mismatch between context menu and actual action? njvdberg 2 9 months ago
Issue Paste Half Duration / Paste Double Duration missing from various context menus Riaan van Niekerk 1 9 months ago
Issue Undo selects an extra measure Riaan van Niekerk 6 9 months ago