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Forum topic MuseScore 3 Released Anatoly-os 111 1 week ago
Book page Compile instructions (macOS) - Git Riaan van Niekerk 0 2 weeks ago
Issue Un-docked widgets non-intuitive to re-dock on macOS Riaan van Niekerk 19 3 weeks ago
Forum topic exporting to .mus file 2142Kitch 17 3 weeks ago
Issue MuseScore 3 is not available as a PortableApp on Windows Riaan van Niekerk 32 3 weeks ago
Issue Make Tremolo string translatable and plural Riaan van Niekerk 7 2 months ago
Issue "MuseScore 1.0 is released" page in English is missing Riaan van Niekerk 6 2 months ago
Issue Improve "New All" and other Parts dialog box buttons Riaan van Niekerk 11 3 months ago
Forum topic Number of MuseScore languages listed on Wikipedia article Riaan van Niekerk 14 3 months ago
Forum topic Improve Tin Whistle instrument name by adding key Riaan van Niekerk 7 3 months ago
Forum topic Separating translation between the user interface translation and score translation. Haricophile 5 3 months ago
Issue Palettes only partially translated Shundon Gingle 12 3 months ago
Forum topic Measure context menu non-intuitive compared to note and rest context menus Riaan van Niekerk 0 3 months ago
Issue MacOS Title bars in MuseScore are still bright in dark mode David Copperfield 12 3 months ago
Forum topic On macOS 10.11, Latest official build stuck at Verifying when starting for first time Riaan van Niekerk 2 4 months ago
Issue Download Archives missing versions above 3.0.5 on OSUSOL, version below 3.0.2 missing on GitHub releases Riaan van Niekerk 11 4 months ago
Issue Download links on announcement pages for older versions are wrong Riaan van Niekerk 2 4 months ago
Issue Minimum requirements section not updated to reflect support for macOS 10.10 or higher Riaan van Niekerk 1 4 months ago
Issue Reset '$STRING' value strings reference non-existent $STRING Riaan van Niekerk 5 4 months ago
Issue Add download link to MuseScore 3.x unofficial build for older macOS versions Riaan van Niekerk 4 4 months ago
Issue MuseScore 3 does not run on macOS 10.10 & 10.11 Riaan van Niekerk 72 4 months ago
Forum topic Musescore 3.2 Release Anatoly-os 18 4 months ago
Forum topic Parts dialog, problem with "Generate" ("New All" replacement string) Riaan van Niekerk 5 4 months ago
Forum topic Can MuseScore 3.1 be compiled for macOS 10.11 El Capitan? ScoreWeaver 3 5 months ago
Issue Make Concert pitch button tell you its current state mike320 219 5 months ago