Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Shortcuts not working for sub-beaming 16th and 32nd notes worldwideweary 14 3 hours ago
Issue [MusicXML import] reversed wedge not imported Leon Vinken 5 1 day ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3 Beta Release Anatoly-os 23 1 day ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3 Release Timeline Anatoly-os 55 2 days ago
Issue Regression: display of beam properties for a selected note JohnJ1995 19 2 days ago
Issue Crash opening a particular file created by TuxGuitar (imported from ptb format) dmathews 5 3 days ago
Issue Tool tips in the palettes of both workspaces and the master palettes are not translated Jojo-Schmitz 8 3 days ago
Issue Dragging elements to other pages makes them lost schepers 7 5 days ago
Issue Fingering: user positions [set in 2.x] are lost geetar 6 6 days ago
Issue Add metronome sound when exporting mp3 oberon2007 25 6 days ago
Issue Synth window: Save to/Load from Score and Set as/Load Default does not save metronome volume. oberon2007 10 1 week ago
Issue Change playback cursor Anatoly-os 1 1 week ago
Issue "Cannot paste into local time signature" ljshamz 3 1 week ago
Issue Crash while attempting to add notes to a percussion stave with non-drumset sound patch BravoFoxtrot 28 1 week ago
Issue [MacOS X] Export Pdf with Muse Jazz Text all garbled and unreadable if no printers are setup on a machine Unknown Prodigy 47 1 week ago
Issue Musescore 3.0.4 Accessibility drawback hhpmusic 42 1 week ago
Issue Staff spacer down doesn't work at page bottom RrOoSsSsOo 10 1 week ago
Issue Tuplets: bracket max. slope values are out by a factor of 10 Jojo-Schmitz 4 2 weeks ago
Book page Release notes for MuseScore 3.3 Beta (August 31, 2019) Anatoly-os 0 2 weeks ago
Issue Mixer panel (not) showing jeroen2442 22 2 weeks ago
Issue Baritone Oboe should be named Bass Oboe in English shoogle 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Fingerings disturb navigation with accessibility shortcuts in multi-voices context cadiz1 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Alt+left/right should remember last selection Marc Sabatella 13 2 weeks ago
Issue Accessibility: Next Element and Previous Element shortcuts ignore articulations shoogle 8 2 weeks ago
Issue MusicXML import - attempting to fix badly read triplets causes crash Jan Ptáčník 14 2 weeks ago