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Forum topic MuseScore 3.0 Beta Release Anatoly-os 173 11 hours ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.4 Release Anatoly-os 17 1 day ago
Issue 'Measure numbers every system' should place numbers after split measures Belteshazzar_ 12 4 days ago
Issue Changes to staff transposition (and other properties) not reflected in linked parts Marc Sabatella 17 6 days ago
Issue [Capella import] Triplets 23970248 16 6 days ago
Book page Google Summer of Code 2020 Ideas Anatoly-os 0 1 week ago
Forum topic Introducing Telemetry in the Notation Software Anatoly-os 187 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.4.2 Release Anatoly-os 2 1 week ago
Issue Crash while attempting to add notes to a percussion stave with non-drumset sound patch BravoFoxtrot 32 1 week ago
Issue Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice Jojo-Schmitz 30 1 week ago
Issue Page Settings spatium rounding causes downstream issues sideways 23 1 week ago
How To How to run MuseScore on ChromeOS Anatoly-os 0 1 week ago
Issue [macOS] Opening score with dragging sometimes lead to crash Anatoly-os 5 1 week ago
Issue Values in sp unit don't remain unchanged after changing spatium Marc Sabatella 14 1 week ago
Issue Repeat line position is incorrect 2.X->3.0 Anatoly-os 5 1 week ago
Issue Playback won't start in 2.0.2 AndyHornBlower 37 1 week ago
Issue [MusicXML] Layout exports despite being disabled in Preferences chen lung 21 2 weeks ago
Issue Text lost when musicXML file imported geetar 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Resize dialog box issue geetar 3 2 weeks ago
Issue Notes are slow to highlight when clicked-on geetar 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Regression: Tie continued after line break is .25 sp wide Isaac Weiss 2 2 weeks ago
Issue Stave properties: List box in wrong position? geetar 7 2 weeks ago
Issue Notes tied together via regroup command play back as slurs Isaac Weiss 2 2 weeks ago
Issue Space is not made for multiple verses in continuous view mike320 52 2 weeks ago
Issue Save online updates the wrong score when switching tabs during upload Riaan van Niekerk 9 2 weeks ago