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Forum topic MuseScore 3.3 Release Anatoly-os 71 3 hours ago
Forum topic Test script facility: a new approach to testing and reporting bugs Anatoly-os 11 12 hours ago
Issue Staff spacer down doesn't work at page bottom RrOoSsSsOo 15 1 day ago
Issue Instruments play as piano with odd side effects TinyTrouble 34 1 day ago
Issue [MusicXML] Layout exports despite being disabled in Preferences chen lung 16 3 days ago
Issue Space is not made for multiple verses in continuous view mike320 49 3 days ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3.2 Release Anatoly-os 7 3 days ago
Book page Release notes for MuseScore 3.3.2 Anatoly-os 0 3 days ago
Issue Add metronome sound when exporting mp3 oberon2007 33 4 days ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Released Anatoly-os 111 4 days ago
Forum topic Link to the "braille edition" of "Open Goldberg Variations" seems to be broken kuwitt 3 5 days ago
Issue Cross-Staff and Cross-Voice chords: allow correct playback of arpeggio symbols KostisP57 25 5 days ago
Issue Everything too big in v3.0 / -D command line option robert.holmen.7 34 6 days ago
FAQ Running Musescore on ChromeOS Anatoly-os 0 1 week ago
Issue Close scores on clicking middle mouse button onto score tab Anatoly-os 11 1 week ago
Issue Saving while in continuous view causes navigator to size incorrectly Pmcurtin 4 1 week ago
Issue Can't play after change speaker jack from loudspeaker to earpods. Sim 5 1 week ago
FAQ MuseScore vs. macOS 10.15 "Catalina" Anatoly-os 0 1 week ago
Service Kenya Hagihara Anatoly-os 0 1 week ago
Issue Drumline not installing eddievox 11 1 week ago
Issue Font style in MSCX gives meaningless diff shoogle 4 1 week ago
Issue MuseScore crashes during start-up while displaying "Start center" Bacchushlg 41 1 week ago
Issue Allow system text objects to be repeated on lower staves mike320 25 1 week ago
Issue MuseScore 3.0.1: Additional small clefs appear after section break in imported MuseScore 2 file enkidu 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Palette names are not translated in "Delete palette" dialog Anatoly-os 1 2 weeks ago