Allow correct playback of cross-staff/voice arpeggios

• Jun 18, 2015 - 11:54
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There is no correct playback in cross-staff and cross-voice arpeggio. I mean, you can drag the arpeggio as much as you want, but MuseScore won't play it back. Please, fix it as soon as possible.


cross staff notation is the same thing (just with and without beams)

Oh, hold on, you're talking about arpeggios, I was talking about glissandos, sorry

Explain what? I simply misread arpeggio to mean glissando...
and you can't have parts of a chord in a different staff (just found that out)

I would appreciate it if MuseScore could playback cross-staff arpeggio, in a future version, so that's why I have created this issue. Thanks for your time, anyway.

I second the request. I have some sheet-music that uses an arpeggio of a "chord" which is of two-voices, each note of different duration, yet there is an arpeggio including both notes. It would be nice to have that feature fully implemented in playback as well as graphically (graphically works fine already with manual spanning).

A plugin can't do what the core program can't do either.

But for playback workarounds, you could add all notes to the chord in one staff/voice, make them hidden, adjust the visual span of the arpeggio and untick play for the visible notes in the other staff/voice.

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That's not feasible: The notes' heads can be made invisible, but the stems connecting the notes in a chord can only be made invisible in full, or they need to be adjusted for every chord.

What I did was create another grand staff, copied the notes from the old grand staff, muted all notes on the old grand staff, imploded all notes on the new grand staff, deleted the second staff on the new grand staff, and finally created a part without the new grand/halved staff (so to have a full part for playing and a part for printing). That's not ideal, though, as I also had to correct the chords when they appeared on two voices almost at the end of the composition.

Title Cross-Staff and Cross-Voice Arpeggio Cross-Staff and Cross-Voice chords: allow correct playback of arpeggio symbols

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Here we are, four years later. I just tried something like this, replicating all the notes in a new voice on one staff, with an arpeggio, and then hid the new notes, beam, arpeggio and an accidental (the accidental was on a note that was in the other staff, so appeared a second time.) This was in a piano score.

I then exported to a .musicxml file and opened it in Sibelius First, just to see what would happen. The hidden elements were visible, but greyed out. I removed these, but don't know enough about Sibelius to really get it right. I wound up with an arpeggio in just one staff.