Series of Easy to Implement Features

• Nov 10, 2019 - 23:52

The following are just a few quality of life features that (I assume) would be easy to implement into MuseScore. These are also in order of how important I feel they are.

Cross Staff Arpeggios: I'm surprised MuseScore has gotten this far without implementing this into their software. Currently, the default way arpeggios are added when you select two staves is separate (shown on left). However, you can, in some cases, manually attach the two arpeggios (shown in middle). This doesn't affect the playback, but it's not the end of the world, just inconvenient. But, it becomes a problem when the two arpeggios don't neatly align (shown on right). When this happens, you need to delete one of the arpeggios and deselect "Automatic Placement" on the other. After that, you can stretch the arpeggio to the remaining notes, but the playback is even more messed up. The MuseScore design team has proven that they can do cross-staff arpeggios (with the bracket-like arpeggio), but they haven't done it with the most commonly used arpeggio.

Trill/Arpeggio Line Thickness: This one is also quite strange to me. In the "Style" box of MuseScore, you can change a lot about how your score looks. This is great, it means that, if you put in a bit of effort, you can make scores look professional and neat. But, for some reason, they don't let you change the thickness of the wavy line that appears on the Arpeggio and Trill lines. This is a minor problem, but it seems like it would be so easy to fix, I wonder why they haven't done it yet.

Workspace Color: In "Preferences" MuseScore lets you change paper color and background color. It also lets you change it to a dark theme (which looks far better than the standard skin IMO). But, I feel they could go even further, and let the user choose the color of both the workspace (e.g. Inspector and Palletes), along with the text inside of them. This way, no one will complain about the appearance of MuseScore, since they can change it to whatever they'd like.

I don't believe anyone would complain about these additions to MuseScore, as they don't cause problems and don't need to be used if the user doesn't want. I've been using MuseScore for a while now and I can't thank the team enough for putting in all this hard work for a free program.

Thanks for reading this far into my suggestions, and I hope you have a nice day.

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