Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Ties are positioned off-centre in certain cases geetar 1 12 hours ago
Issue Mixer: make it easier to find the chord "harmony" channel geetar 3 14 hours ago
Issue Mixer: automatically apply a different color to each part track geetar 0 14 hours ago
Issue Allow separate "Minimum distance" for Accent and Staccato geetar 8 16 hours ago
Handbook 3 Fretboard diagrams (prior to version 3.1) geetar 0 1 day ago
Issue Bends: playback quality needs improving geetar 1 2 days ago
Issue Circled fret marks for half note and whole note durations in tablature staves CombatCube 10 2 days ago
Issue Bends: support bends of arbitrary length geetar 4 2 days ago
Issue Bends: curves need to be smooth (not angular) geetar 0 2 days ago
Issue Request for bends to be allowed to extend over multiple notes geetar 4 2 days ago
Issue Bends: add an option to make "bend holds" (i.e. horizontal sections) dashed geetar 0 2 days ago
Forum topic Changes to the bend tool geetar 4 2 days ago
Issue Bends: make prebend optional so that down bends can be notated geetar 4 2 days ago
Issue Handle measure with too many notes to fit on a single system geetar 17 4 days ago
Issue Chord/fretboard diagrams don't play back under certain conditions geetar 3 4 days ago
Handbook 3 Noteheads geetar 0 6 days ago
Issue Glissando on final tied note causes it to repeat, rather than sustain geetar 3 6 days ago
Issue Issue Tracker: file attachment isn't working properly sideways 3 6 days ago
Issue Handbook revision pages: solitary entry on new page cannot be compared to previous revisions geetar 1 6 days ago
Issue Gap between volta brackets when there is an intervening time or key signature geetar 2 6 days ago
Issue RH fingering: uneven alignment in certain cases involving beams geetar 6 6 days ago
Issue Store Workspaces alongside Templates and Styles to ease backup geetar 6 1 week ago
Issue Inspector: min distance and offset values do not update immediately when moving into the skyline using Inspector controls geetar 6 1 week ago
Issue Format>Page Settings field are persnickety about accepting values entered scorster 2 1 week ago
Issue Page Settings: staff space (spatium) control pads input before user has finished editing shoogle 16 1 week ago