Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Repeat measure symbols: no audio on second time playback between repeat barlines geetar 4 41 minutes ago
Issue Inspector: make section headers easier to see geetar 8 7 hours ago
Issue Re-implement the Album feature for Musecore 3 Jojo-Schmitz 7 11 hours ago
Issue LH Guitar Fingering creates too much space after barline geetar 2 13 hours ago
Issue Play panel and Synthesizer: double-clicking the master fader resets Master Volume to wrong level (-20db) geetar 8 1 day ago
Issue Text-lines: Line thickness property can depend on how line is applied geetar 0 2 days ago
Issue Insert New Palette doesn't respond to Cancel button geetar 0 2 days ago
Issue No sound when using Piano Keyboard in Note Entry eynstyne 4 3 days ago
Issue No sound with replace pitches using keyboard, built in piano or external MIDI Thom Kurtz 4 3 days ago
Issue Arpeggio: wrong horizontal spacing when the parent chord has an accidental geetar 1 3 days ago
Issue Manually-adjusted arpeggios collide with accidentals in other voices geetar 1 3 days ago
Issue Staccato dots placed too high above/below stems - make a style setting mcx 7 3 days ago
Issue Beams in edit mode: issues with the adjustment of handles mike320 7 4 days ago
Issue Show invisible doesn't work for certain elements until next layout geetar 4 5 days ago
Issue Tuplet numbers: default distance is too far from beams geetar 7 5 days ago
Issue System Header with time signature distance does not work for some time signatures (imported 2.x file) geetar 4 5 days ago
Issue Album: Joining scores causes issue with time signature measures at system headers geetar 0 5 days ago
Issue Grace notes in staff/tablature pairs are misaligned: resulting in overly large spaces geetar 0 5 days ago
Issue Repeat command ("R") and copy/paste does not fully overwrite the destination range geetar 3 5 days ago
Forum topic 2nd ending wonky scottw46 7 6 days ago
Issue The presence of fretboard diagrams prevents input of chord symbols in other staves cadiz1 7 6 days ago
Issue Fermatas do not respond to selection filter geetar 1 1 week ago
Issue Selecting a measure then applying grace notes causes crash geetar 1 1 week ago
Issue Fingering on grace note can collide with note geetar 2 1 week ago
Issue Lines: change to min distance style setting does not take effect immediately geetar 1 1 week ago