Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Add staff property to 'collapse' rests in multi-voice context into just one Jojo-Schmitz 6 2 hours ago
Issue UNDO doesn't restore image's original size after checking "Scale to frame size" geetar 7 23 hours ago
Issue Image imported into a frame is very small geetar 4 1 day ago
Issue Image resize not correctly honoring aspect ratio and staff space unit settings M.Thum 44 1 day ago
Issue Allow "staff distance" on first page to differ from subsequent pages. geetar 24 3 days ago
Issue Add Glissando playback style portamento jeetee 58 3 days ago
Handbook 3 Articulations and ornaments geetar 0 3 days ago
Issue Staff type change: some of property are ignored ciospe 10 4 days ago
Issue Spacing for center-aligned chords not honored until second layout geetar 10 6 days ago
Issue Inconsistent alignment of chord name above fretboard njvdberg 3 6 days ago
Issue Blank lines of text consisting only of a RETURN are too small in height on some scores geetar 14 6 days ago
Issue Slurs: manual adjustments lost when the score is reloaded geetar 3 6 days ago
Issue Slurs do not obey "Change voice" command geetar 3 6 days ago
Issue Chord symbols jump when user goes into edit mode geetar 8 1 week ago
Issue Text edit mode: newline character can't be removed by Delete jeetee 10 1 week ago
Issue Unify text style offset with element style position above/below geetar 1 1 week ago
Issue Continuous view: white block appears when wallpaper changed from default to PNG image khalladay1 21 1 week ago
Issue Selection problems involving fingering near beams geetar 1 1 week ago
Issue Slur badly drawn when flipped in multi-voice measure geetar 0 1 week ago
Issue Left repeat barline: Too much space after, if at beginning of system geetar 2 1 week ago
Issue Bold MuseJazz Text is blurry Sunny2019 11 1 week ago
Issue Staff incorrectly numbered in "Instruments" dialog geetar 9 1 week ago
Issue Show invisible doesn't work for certain elements until next layout geetar 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Show invisible does not work until screen is redrawn mike320 26 2 weeks ago
Issue Lyrics mode: shift+left/right does not take effect until release of Shift geetar 11 2 weeks ago