Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Fingerings: vertical align buttons in Inspector don't work geetar 1 5 hours ago
Issue Fingerings: wrong vertical align setting when placed below staff geetar 1 5 hours ago
Forum topic The terminology of linked staves geetar 4 11 hours ago
Issue Cannot select Above/Below Staccato separately geetar 2 14 hours ago
Issue Cannot select Above/Below Accents separately geetar 0 14 hours ago
Issue Period tablature: note duration symbols need to encompass voice 2 as well MLutz 2 15 hours ago
Issue Lines: when end handles are adjusted with keyboard arrows, anchor point also shifts geetar 9 1 day ago
Issue Tablature rests impact on skyline and left margin, even if "Show rests" is unchecked in Staff properties; results in large vertical gaps geetar 5 1 day ago
Issue Gap between Lutes chen lung 5 1 day ago
Issue Lines: Dragging a handle causes anchor to shoot off in opposite direction; same thing when using keyboard arrows David McCaulley 6 1 day ago
Issue Lines: dragging left handle to the right causes right-handle to move left Laurelin 12 1 day ago
Issue Multiple grace notes: not enough space allowed between notes geetar 2 1 day ago
Issue Add style setting to control grace note distance and spacing Xianyue賢越 25 1 day ago
Issue Large gaps created in tablature when grace notes are added after note geetar 5 2 days ago
Issue Manual adjustment of hairpin aligned with dynamic lost on relayout geetar 4 2 days ago
Issue Download link to older versions of MuseScore is out of date geetar 5 2 days ago
Issue Links on News page don't download the advertised versions geetar 0 2 days ago
Issue Cursor invisible in text element when highlight is set at 100% opacity David McCaulley 7 3 days ago
Issue False or old link when downloading the latest version 3.5.1 cadiz1 36 3 days ago
Issue Glissandos collide with double-digit start fretmarks in tablature geetar 9 3 days ago
Issue Tablature glissando with numbers greater than 9 overlap worldwideweary 2 4 days ago
Forum topic Please enhance bend tool to bend down also (not just up) dddiam 11 5 days ago
Issue Add Glissando playback style portamento jeetee 74 5 days ago
Issue MS 3.5.1: Chord symbol playback wrongly enabled for pre-3.5 scores geetar 8 5 days ago
Issue Bends: make prebend optional so that down bends can be notated geetar 1 1 week ago