Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Style menu: remember last selected dialog? geetar 19 5 hours ago
Issue Fermatas: In imported 2.x files, the fermata in voice 2 is reset to voice 1 geetar 2 10 hours ago
Handbook 3 Noteheads geetar 0 11 hours ago
Handbook 3 Staff and system text geetar 0 11 hours ago
Handbook 3 Octave lines geetar 0 12 hours ago
Handbook 3 Bends geetar 0 12 hours ago
Handbook 3 Workspaces geetar 0 13 hours ago
Issue Add defaults for "Autoplace minimum distance" to Format > Style for more element types geetar 4 15 hours ago
Issue Fretboard Diagram: needs adaptation for left-hand player G-Power 3 20 hours ago
Issue Combine Fretboard diagrams and chord symbols mcx 3 21 hours ago
Issue Hairpin with above placement moved onto staff jumps back on next layout geetar 6 1 day ago
Issue Inspector: highlight buttons on mouse over geetar 18 1 day ago
Issue Extreme slowdown in continuous view, depending on number of beamed notes mike320 16 1 day ago
Issue System distance unequal when system heights differ geetar 10 1 day ago
Issue Footer: add 5mm Y-offset to place within margin geetar 14 1 day ago
Issue Vibrato style dialog not working? geetar 4 1 day ago
Issue Lines ignoring Placement and/or Offset style settings Marc Sabatella 8 1 day ago
Issue Cannot add proper slur to grace notes when there are more than one. Laurelin 36 1 day ago
Issue Stacking order, autoplace not saved for generated stems SgeyosP 12 1 day ago
Issue Leading space adjustment for generated elements lost on save/reload geetar 18 1 day ago
Issue Problem with Tab selection of slur (etc.) edit handles geetar 4 1 day ago
Issue Edit mode: TAB skips the left adjustment handle and moves to the Inspector instead. geetar 2 1 day ago
Issue Bends are out of tune Yruama_Lairba 21 1 day ago
Issue Add Glissando playback style portamento jeetee 30 2 days ago
Issue Trill with Grace Notes Piano Roll Editor Xianyue賢越 4 4 days ago