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Forum topic Swing Settings: a UI tweak geetar 3 1 day ago
Issue 'Straight' text does not work, since all options in the "Swing settings" tab are unchecked Jack Papel (Go… 11 1 day ago
Issue Text remains on a line even when Begin/Continue/End check-boxes are unticked in the Inspector geetar 0 1 day ago
Issue Entering begin/continue/end text for a line only works on second attempt SteveBlower 1 1 day ago
Issue Slurs wrongly positioned in TAB when notes are set to "Above lines" geetar 6 1 day ago
Issue Staff type change: some of property are ignored ciospe 8 2 days ago
Issue Add harmonic symbol for tablature: and harmonic notehead for staves geetar 21 3 days ago
Issue Copying a partial measure leaves rest(s) missing in voices 2-4 geetar 2 3 days ago
Issue Freeze file name during use geetar 10 4 days ago
Issue Tied notes pasted in guitar + tab linked staves display as untied notes in tab mrmoonlight 2 4 days ago
Issue Adjustment handles don't disappear immediately after undoing adding element Howard-C 7 4 days ago
Issue Slurs do not obey "Change voice" command geetar 1 4 days ago
Issue Text lost when musicXML file imported geetar 15 4 days ago
Issue In Windows Explorer, files with special characters in filepath don't open when double-clicked emagnier 27 4 days ago
Issue Problem selecting and entering a whole note geetar 12 4 days ago
Issue Resize dialog box issue geetar 3 4 days ago
Issue Notes are slow to highlight when clicked-on geetar 6 4 days ago
Issue Stave properties: List box in wrong position? geetar 7 4 days ago
Issue Repeat measure signs: not vertically-centred in tablature geetar 7 5 days ago
Issue Courtesy time signature not removed when subsequent measures are deleted geetar 10 6 days ago
Issue Continuous view: white block appears when wallpaper changed from default to PNG image khalladay1 17 6 days ago
Handbook 3 Noteheads geetar 0 6 days ago
Handbook 3 Octave lines geetar 0 6 days ago
Issue Can't apply symbol from Special characters box geetar 2 1 week ago
Issue Re-implement the Album feature for Musecore 3 Jojo-Schmitz 15 1 week ago