How to enter a note below another in a chord

• May 28, 2015 - 18:35

Is there a way to use a keyboard shortcut to enter a note in a chord below another one. [Shift] + [note name] enters a note above, but how do you enter a note below.

The same goes for intervals. [Alt] + [number] enters a note above the current selected one, but how do you enter a note below in the same manner?


For intervals...

In MuseScore 1.3:
Alt + 3 enters a third above.
'Shift' + '3' enters a third below.

In MuseScore 2.0:
Alt + 3 enters a third above.
Entering a third below is unspecified.
However, you can use menu item: Edit / Preferences, then on the Shortcuts tab, scroll down and click on 'Enter third below'. Use the 'Define' button at the bottom to specify your own keystroke combo.


Thanks for replies.

It is strange that the manual indicates how to add a note above by [shift] + [note name] or [alt] + [interval], but does not mention anything about adding notes below the current note.

Suggestion. Add two more keyboard shortcuts so that the new version of MuseScore supports note addition below the current note in the same way that it currently supports addition above the current note.

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The problem is there is a limited number of shortcuts available that work on all different keyboards. Shift+number formerly did add an interval below, but this causes problems on keyboards common in some countries (France?) in which you need Shift just to get to the number keys. With Shift+number reserved to enter an interval below, this created a conflict with the shortcuts for selecting duration, which is more more important. So Shift+number as a way to add interval below was disabvled by default. if you happen to live in a country or own a keybaord where you don't need Shift to enter a number, you can simply re-enable these shortcuts via Edit / Preferences.

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