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Forum topic Able to directly input note/rest at every beat Howard-C 72 38 minutes ago
Forum topic Play Won't Work! SamanthaK216 20 1 hour ago
Issue Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts Marc Sabatella 11 1 hour ago
Issue MuseScore 3.6.0 AppImage in Ubuntu Studio 18.04 with KXStudio is very slow to open and does respond with enormous delays (like 30 seconds or so) [DELETED] 36738910 95 2 hours ago
Forum topic Note Head Size Jackie Walker 3 7 hours ago
Forum topic AUTO SCROLLING new ringer 21 9 hours ago
Forum topic Don't play invisible notes lucvdv 42 18 hours ago
Forum topic Question about piano notation / scoring & randomness VGF666 6 1 day ago
Issue Loop playback cannot be stopped swingnjazz 3 1 day ago
Forum topic impossible to see/edit frames vincentdb 10 1 day ago
Forum topic How to create a rallentando Christopher Goodwins 28 1 day ago
Forum topic Rallentando... Swifty 10 1 day ago
Forum topic Select Top Note or Bottom Note of chords chrismcqueenmusic 14 1 day ago
Forum topic My bass clef using the grand panio is really quiet. (Fixed) ljcompton50 6 2 days ago
Issue Wrong note type option given in Select>More when note is in a tuplet mike320 6 2 days ago
Issue Add option to hide numbers on measures with rehearsal marks Skirmisher 4 2 days ago
Forum topic Resetting measure numbers djcarr 9 2 days ago
Forum topic Shaped Noteheads, Change all to "Normal" Lindy08 4 2 days ago
Forum topic Paste a lot of measures from different staffs to one single staff (makes sense?) 10 2 days ago
Forum topic How can I save a customized fretboard diagram? wskladony 6 2 days ago
Forum topic "Disable logic" setting Fábio Ruiz de … 11 2 days ago
Forum topic INSTRUMENTS NOT PLAYING jerome dempsey 10 3 days ago
Issue incorrect beams info interpretation in reading xml file Trottolina 15 3 days ago
Issue Default note groups (beaming) for time signatures Pistos 3 3 days ago
Forum topic "BigTime": Large time signatures plugin [Release, proof-of-concept] RunasSudo 2 3 days ago