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Forum topic Clef change flakey in part starting with multibar rest Brer Fox 4 14 minutes ago
Forum topic Stop showing superfluous rests (where another voice is playing a note, there should not be a rest) AndyHornBlower 47 40 minutes ago
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Forum topic Shakuhachi notation (How to avoid automatic placement?) tcbnhrs 3 1 hour ago
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Forum topic How to delete the extra rests? Leigh Wallmeyer 2 4 hours ago
Forum topic Load Error: Cannot Read File DjRoland135 9 4 hours ago
Forum topic Showing tuning Jonasherborg 2 4 hours ago
Forum topic Bad Playback in version 3.1.0 Stable (May 28, 2019) BFI221 13 4 hours ago
Forum topic System spacing jayymusic 10 5 hours ago
Forum topic Even Stave Spacing in Large Scores ZacTheCellist 22 9 hours ago
Forum topic Changing note velocity in Inspector does nothing Andrew Miller 9 2 11 hours ago
Forum topic Unable to Play Back Scores JazzicalMan 5 13 hours ago
Issue Key signature appears in multimeasure rest after being deleted from underlying measure Marc Sabatella 8 15 hours ago
Forum topic New update Elliot Butler 2 16 hours ago
Forum topic MAKE MORE CONCERT PERCUSSION SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music Is my Li… 5 16 hours ago
Forum topic Bug in the new update with the soundfont Music Is my Li… 3 19 hours ago
Issue Some rests don't get lifted up when multiple voice is added Howard_C. 16 21 hours ago
Issue Side panels not dockable after being undocked and closed once Fredrik Häthén 16 1 day ago
Forum topic Hide empty staves feature Yulia Ronskaya 13 1 day ago
Issue Bad layout of lines (text line, trill line...) before start repeat cadiz1 17 1 day ago
Forum topic contact muse?? Marcman 7 1 day ago