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Forum topic Plugins not loading in 3.1? BSG 3 4 minutes ago
Issue Slur Playbacks Working? Xianyue賢越 34 17 minutes ago
Forum topic Change Font size when shortcut ( Ctrl + T ) is used ? jamminjan 3 1 hour ago
Issue note-anchored line should connect notehead centers Jojo-Schmitz 9 2 hours ago
Forum topic Feature Request: Add keyboad means to zoom in Piano Roll Editor sambaji 2 3 hours ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 crashes on every attempt to save rbegel 16 3 hours ago
Issue Style menu: remember last selected dialog? geetar 10 3 hours ago
Forum topic Converting Musescore 3 to Musescore 2 Ivan P 9 4 hours ago
Issue Continuous view needs space for lyrics tomfeledy 11 4 hours ago
Issue Lyrics with manual adjustments not imported consistently Marc Sabatella 3 4 hours ago
Issue Bug: Newest Nightly Build Mis-aligns Lyrics sambaji 6 4 hours ago
Issue Inspector: highlight buttons on mouse over geetar 17 4 hours ago
Issue After you change the pitch of a note that's tied, both tied notes end up selected. Boente 5 4 hours ago
Issue Edit beam spanning two measures if shorter value in the other voice results in crash cadiz1 5 4 hours ago
Forum topic moving dynamic symbols ddebacker 4 4 hours ago
Issue Selection lost on paste to single note Marc Sabatella 3 4 hours ago
Issue Extreme slowdown in continuous view, depending on number of beamed notes mike320 15 4 hours ago
Issue small staves incorrect bar lines eljakim 8 5 hours ago
Issue Winged repeats at bottom of barline span if last staff invisible Marc Sabatella 10 5 hours ago
Issue Barlines Refused to Stay Connected over Invisible Staff lines eliza.musicnart 5 5 hours ago
Issue Spacing cramped before repeat-start Victotronics 5 5 hours ago
Issue "Style -> Bar -> Note left margin" Not working properly with accidental in invisible staff Xianyue賢越 3 5 hours ago
Issue Switch to the tab, if I try to open a file that's already open in MuseScore AndyHornBlower 9 5 hours ago
Issue System distance unequal when system heights differ geetar 9 5 hours ago
Issue Footer: add 5mm Y-offset to place within margin geetar 13 6 hours ago