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Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue (MDL) Sticking input and arrow navigation ngreen1309 5 3 minutes ago
Forum topic Certain barlines unable to be separated from other staves Bone Daddy 4 5 minutes ago
Forum topic Improper Chord Notation Quinn Ouyang 1 6 minutes ago
Forum topic Suspended cymbal and gong/tam-tam notmyd93 1 25 minutes ago
Issue Copy-paste a part with mm rests on another part/mm rests leads to corruption/crash karate_arati 49 31 minutes ago
Forum topic manual velocity adjustment hnguyen6799 2 32 minutes ago
Forum topic When a score becomes large the interface is sluggish fmiyara 19 34 minutes ago
Issue Reprise dans la version mac et PC fredericduclo1 2 38 minutes ago
Forum topic No pizzicato in playback thewelshdragon 7 2 hours ago
Forum topic Musescore 3.2 Release Anatoly-os 17 6 hours ago
Issue Fingering behaves unpredictably when dragged geetar 5 8 hours ago
Forum topic Musescore 3.1 in edit mode moves segments rather than chord offset user335416763 19 10 hours ago
Forum topic Customizable measure numbers andgvr 7 10 hours ago
Forum topic Displaying Tuplets endeverpe 4 11 hours ago
Forum topic No Copy Command delhud2 11 13 hours ago
Forum topic Staccato and Cross-Staff Beams Ispil 3 13 hours ago
Issue Mixer panel not always dockable/floatable, depending sometimes full screen enabled or not. cadiz1 16 14 hours ago
Forum topic rehearsal letters and italian terms and lack of playback sound malcolm burley 4 14 hours ago
Forum topic Tuplet Text Customization 323k131 4 16 hours ago
Issue Hairpin: dragging left handle causes right side to extend Laurelin 6 16 hours ago
Issue 32nd note flags need to point in the same direction Timothy Hoft 2 17 hours ago
Issue measure numbers are not updated on subsequent systems after adding offset Felix0 9 19 hours ago
Blog GSoC 2019: Chord Symbol Playback - Week 4 Peter Hieu Vu 9 19 hours ago
Issue Mixer: size issues geetar 12 20 hours ago
Issue Playback of a score starting with a volta fails and leads to crash cadiz1 15 21 hours ago