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Issue Bring back JACK support for proper Linux Modularity JRSV 54 29 minutes ago
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Issue Impaired Selection of "Invisible" Attributes Jacksonian 7 17 hours ago
Issue Chord symbol playback doesn't follow swinged eights mathiaslohne 12 20 hours ago
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Forum topic unintentionally overwritten my score...any way to get back older storage...? rudomat 7 1 day ago
Issue Request for triangle in chord symbols to automatically imply 7 Tedesco 12 1 day ago
Issue Ct chord symbol generates same notes as C chord symbol docteurv 14 1 day ago
Forum topic Playback of C^ is the same as C (not Cmaj7) riveravaldez 8 1 day ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4.0 will not run on various older operating systems Riaan van Niekerk 28 1 day ago
Issue Appearance preferences revert to default juliesinger10 7 1 day ago
Forum topic Sf2 versus sf3 geetar 20 1 day ago
Forum topic Credit Card charged $29.99 at start of free trial ddangio 62 2 days ago
Issue Assets with visibility toggled cannot be re-selected. AlexCharlesBas… 5 2 days ago
Issue MIDI Channel Assignment missing in MuseScore 4 achimrbuerger 11 2 days ago
Forum topic Trying to transpose multiple files automatically hsweet 10 2 days ago
Issue Charango TAB (and Ronroco) Kichin 9 2 days ago
Forum topic Corrupt files again and again ... Peter Kijn 11 2 days ago