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Forum topic Accessibility in MuseScore 3 Marc Sabatella 7 10 minutes ago
Issue weak or no sound through Bluetooth 9 11 minutes ago
Forum topic Transpose playback but not appearance of existing score Robert41 22 22 minutes ago
Forum topic Make it possible to add spacers to all selected staves and filter selection by spacer fmiyara 21 41 minutes ago
Forum topic Musescore 3 takes up to 8 minutes to open Radiak488417 10 3 hours ago
Forum topic We need a lot of features that aren't implemented yet The_Mad_Duck 2 3 hours ago
Forum topic Choice of clef for concert bass drum remmet 1 3 hours ago
Forum topic Requirement of a PRO account to download music PhilTheSkid 16 3 hours ago
Forum topic No LilyPond export gsagostinho 33 7 hours ago
Forum topic Barlines with keyboard shortcut rainerschnelle 1 18 hours ago
Issue Preference dialog box too big 2 18 hours ago
Forum topic Muting individual voices in choral lurohamey 13 21 hours ago
Forum topic 3rd party vst support & implementation with DAWS ♩♫𝓂𝓃𝓂𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓉♫♩ 6 21 hours ago
Forum topic 3.3 - Scroll bars gone (IGNORE -- they were never there). BSG 4 22 hours ago
Forum topic Version 3.3 beta Palette issues mike320 48 23 hours ago
Issue [3.3beta-3.3beta2] There is a jumping effect on the palettes menu when you scroll with the mouse wheel. Ziya Mete Demircan 5 23 hours ago
Issue Rests can be moved to the left of the barline geetar 1 23 hours ago
Forum topic How to change Piano to Church Organ as an option to Play back my Song jamminjan 6 23 hours ago
Issue Tablature: rests impact on skyline, and left margin, even if "Show rests" is unchecked in Staff properties geetar 3 1 day ago
Forum topic Playback does not work with MIDI controller enabled Chris Lundeen 1 1 day ago
Forum topic How to add accents? benboy7777_ 11 1 day ago
Forum topic Change a note color minnettemck 1 1 day ago
Forum topic Making parts Imaginatorium 24 1 day ago
Forum topic Problem with Campania drglarner 1 1 day ago
Issue Previous/next element commands should not wrap around begin/end of score Marc Sabatella 2 1 day ago