Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Preferences window doesn't match on a 15'' Laptop screen and height isn't resizeable kuwitt 24 11 hours ago
Issue Feature Request: Set transparency and resolution in Export dialog Philzen 2 2 days ago
Issue Export parts ONLY stianahj@gmail.com 19 2 days ago
Forum topic Note heads not printing on Mac after upgrading to Big Sur pc1986 8 5 days ago
Issue Line breaks in intrument name make status bar's height change znarf94 9 1 week ago
Issue Tesktschrijver should be Tekstschrijver Phiking 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Add metronome sound when exporting to audio (mp3, wav, etc.) oberon2007 109 2 weeks ago
Forum topic latest version of musescore says to update and wont let me open any .mscz files. miaocheeseburger 9 3 weeks ago
Issue Improvement to Changing of Elements Mraco_o 3 3 weeks ago
Issue Automatically open palettes relevant for selected object andrushkkutza 15 3 weeks ago
Issue (Limitation) MuseScore (MS) should allow the user to choose what staff-lines he wants to preserve when choosing a staff with less than 5 lines andrushkkutza 8 4 weeks ago
Issue Build fails: "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64" cbjeukendrup 16 4 weeks ago
Issue MSCX format: Don't duplicate elements for each part shoogle 5 1 month ago
Issue "Staff/Part Properties" window always maximized eliharrisonx 10 1 month ago
Issue Automatically switch MuseScore's theme along with macOS's dark mode cbjeukendrup 9 1 month ago
Issue [macOS] Hover tooltip is cut off cyliusg1 16 1 month ago
Issue Update Copyright statements in Code Files cbjeukendrup 1 1 month ago
Issue Slash appears as a colon chen lung 9 2 months ago
Forum topic Build failed // Also: spelling error on wiki page? rowild 7 2 months ago
Forum topic Musescore for Mac uninstalled itself Simplywritten316 6 2 months ago
Forum topic Bug with MIDI Input? cbjeukendrup 0 3 months ago