Musescore 4 won't let you save and exit

• Dec 26, 2022 - 15:48

whenever I try to close the program without saving, it opens the window where it asks if you wanna save, but if you press save the window and the program won't close. Found out the hard way that my version on windows pc won't let me save anything (wasted 2h of work) even pressing the save button before trying to close the program won't do anything.


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I know there's no save button. I tried to save the way you're saying. It simply won't save. If I follow your process, when I try to close the program it will ask me again if I wanna close it without saving. If I press save then, the window will stay open and won't allow me to exit.
Some bug of my version, probably.

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I'm having the same issue. I can't save scores either onto my computer or the cloud. I get 'File not find. Check the filename and try again.' when I try to save to my computer, and no notification at all when I try to save to the cloud, never to be seen again. If I find a solution I'll let you know! Hoping there's a simple fix.

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Ok, so I've uninstalled the hub and musescore, then reinstalled musescore only (without the hub). I can now save, but not to my documents folder for some reason. It's also allowing me to publish to muse score. Hope that something there helps you.

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I'm about to lose a couple of hours of work. I have had this same thing happen before.
The only thing that works is restart the program and lose unsaved work.
Things I have tried: "save as" under a new name, or copy the music to a new file and try to save,
Copy the music to (clipboard), restart the program, and paste does not work either.
Very frustrating and time-consuming glitch!

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This issue is probably caused because MuseScore does not have permission to save files on your computer. For one person this turned out to be caused by Windows Defender, so that might be the case for more people.

Anyway, I do think MuseScore should show at least an indication of what happens; I've logged this as a task for the development team:

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I have been opening MS 3 files in MS 4 with the intention of saving them in the updated format. Perhaps there is a bug specific to this activity. MuseScore 4 hardly ever responds to mouse clicks on my Windows 11 PC or on my imac, all with latest software updates. Menus seldom open and save buttons don't respond. Marc suggested that my clicks may not be steady, but that is assuredly not the problem. It does not occur in MS 3, or in any other current program, and I have never experienced it before in my life.

I'm finding that it will save online, but no longer saves files to my computer or desktop, whereas it used to be possible to do this. It suggests that you can, but then stops at the point where it should saying, file not found!! A bit annoying, but you don't lose files.

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