Changing the value of Dynamics

• Jun 16, 2021 - 14:22

I'm familar with Musescore's option for overriding the default value of a selected dynamic via Inspector>Dynamics>Velocity and I understand that doing so affects only the selected instance.

I'm wondering if Musescore has a table where we can change the default values in Musescore, system wide, or within a specific score. I don't see that option in Styles or Preferences, nor mentioned in the Handbook.

In Overture we can set dynamic values in this table:

      Overture dynamics table .png




Customize one, Ctrl+Shift+drag it back to your palette. Do it in a new custom palette if you like so as not to confuse these with the defaults, or just delete the existing ones.

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Thanks Marc, that helps. I'll be able to make my own Dynamic palette.

However it would be nice to be able to quickly see the various assigned values. Unfortunately the tool tip is entirely redundant—it merely restates the dynamic, rather than showing

     p = 49
     mf = 80

Has there ever been a request for more informative Dynamic tooltips?


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