Forum threads: Automatic creation of new pages?

• Sep 6, 2017 - 14:16
S4 - Minor

See for an example.

AFAIR, the old website maintained a forum thread on a single page. The new forum seems to create a new page automatically if the thread exceeds a certain length.


I remember that happening on the old forum as well. But I am not really sure it does anyone any favors. I wouldn't mind seeing this go away. If nothing else, upping the threshold for when this happens might make sense.

I agree comments on a single page would be better. Problems with large pages and increased server load could be overcome by implementing any of these strategies:

  1. Lazy loading (comments are not loaded until you scroll down to them)
  2. A "show more" button to load additional comments
  3. A "show replies" button to load replies past a certain depth (e.g. replies to comments are visible, but replies to replies are hidden by default)
  4. Comment tabs (all comments are on one "page" but you click a tab/button to show later comments)