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Issue Incomplete voice in local time signature leads to corruption upon import shoogle 6 2 days ago
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Forum topic MuseScore 4 must use a new file extension frfancha 90 1 week ago
Issue Enable compilation with Make on macOS shoogle 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Fingering numbers for piano and guitar should be bold, letters should be italic typeface shoogle 3 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Automatice git dependencies update with git submodules Marr11317 14 4 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML] Breath after rests not exported h380108184 6 1 month ago
Forum topic 1G Shoichi 5 1 month ago
Issue [Accessibility] Measure Properties dialog not fully accessible hhpmusic 2 1 month ago
Issue [Accessibility] No speech for symbols from symbols palette hhpmusic 3 1 month ago
Issue Automatic updates on Linux shoogle 22 1 month ago
Issue I Created A Desktop File for Linux Users jacobszelko 5 1 month ago
Issue Add page and system breaks via command line shoogle 10 1 month ago
Forum topic Concert score vs. C score Envergure 15 1 month ago
Issue Reset Shapes and Positions removes beams over rests shoogle 5 1 month ago
Issue Grand staff: Ottava on one staff shouldn't affect cross-staff notes displayed on other staff hhpmusic 6 1 month ago
Issue Turn & Inverted turn between 2 notes Miré° 12 1 month ago
Issue [Accessibility] Announce when arpeggio crosses staves or voices mike320 13 1 month ago
Issue Save Online via command line shoogle 12 1 month ago
Forum topic Designing the Mixer for MuseScore 4 Tantacrul 93 1 month ago
Forum topic Developing a Plug-In for Real-Time MIDI Inputs (Marching Percussion) drumzzzT 20 2 months ago