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BlogGSoC 2016 - Week 10 - Raw input timings shoogle62 days ago
Forum topicCommunity packages for 2.1 vasmakk124 days ago
BlogGSoC 2016 - Week 11 - Automatic Real-time & PortMidi shoogle164 days ago
Issueincrease PortMidi's input poll freqency from 20ms "Coarse" timer into 1ms "Precise" timer. ericfontainejazz24 days ago
HandbookSynthesizer shoogle01 week ago
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IssueOption to show anchor points for all lines and symbols shoogle22 weeks ago
Forum topicThe new Musescore 2.1 is not working in my computer. (problem solved) Joel Gonzalez42 weeks ago
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IssueAdd higher resolution raster splash screens or change splash screen to vector graphic for high resolution monitors fabian_music133 weeks ago
BlogIntroducing OpenScore shoogle824 weeks ago
Forum topicChanging Note Values Quickly. PLEASE HELP.ASAP The_Band_Geek225 weeks ago
Forum topicplease only one popup window "The command realtime-advance is not available in current state" ericfontainejazz26 weeks ago
IssueHave shortcut for Real-time (manual) advance also be used to initial Real-time (manual) entry mode too ericfontainejazz307 weeks ago
Forum topicMusescore 2.0.2 Ok but 2.0.3 crashes ! jdt37b207 weeks ago
Forum topic2.0.3 AppImage and Puppy Linux Aldo157 weeks ago
Issueignore dynamics during playback orbisvicis87 weeks ago
IssueDynamics text style should be italic lasconic177 weeks ago
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