Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta)

• Aug 9, 2015 - 21:06
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I believe this would be a great Idea an must be added in Muse-score. It would be a nice addition for solos, or soli. It would add a nice touch to your music without the hassle of having to expand your music and copy and paste the whole section again,just to change one part in the music.

Also it would be great to have an automatic chord generator, for making improvised solos in jazz, but that's far-fetched so it's just an Idea.

Thank you.


As a former Sibelius user, this is the feature I miss most (and would use regularly, as would my band mates). If memory serves, the Sibelius 6 implementation assigned a playback property in notes to a number of times that would apply to repeats (something like 6 or 7) and all would be checked by default, however just unchecking the first one would make the playback tacet first time. Not sure if it's appropriate to deploy the same methodology directly, but I thought I'd share this as a reference point. Thanks!

+1 I would also like this feature. Obviously there's nothing wrong with unrolling repeats but it would be quite elegant to have this tied into playback.

+1; would remove the need to create a duplicate of the score just to unroll repeats for correct audio export, but to keep the compact score visually intact for human readability.

    1. It would be great if it was similar to a Sibelius - where can control which repeat plays and which don't ( play 1 tacet 2 play 3 tacet 4 etc)

Having something like the RepeatList property of a Volta on other elements could be a possible (but perhaps not too user friendly) way.

I had a fairly decent approach started by 3.5, but we'll have to see how much of the approach will still be valid with the new playback engine workings of 4.0...

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Agreed. I have numerous scores where (a) the dynamics are different in second (or third...) repeat or (b) are 8va in the second repeat. Having a feature supporting this would be far superior to unrolling repeats.

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+1, definitely!

Frequency = Few strikes me as odd; a significant number of wind band scores has this.
The unroll "workaround" would be seen as completely out-of-the-question there - when, of say 30 instruments, 1 (piccolo) to maybe 5 (some woodwinds) would play some countermelody in the 2nd round.


This is quite common when writing songs and there are verses repeated with different lyrics and small modifications to adapt to the syllables, but the instruments have no such modifications and therefore a simple repetition is enough for them.

If the verses are long, the unrolling workaround makes the parts of the instruments unnecessarily long too.

It would be great to select notes and be able to choose not only if play them or not (which is already possible) but also in which repetitions.

I prefer scores that are as concise as possible.
I'm currently using the repeats with small notes/chords above, and the mention "2nd time only", but I can only choose to play the notes all the time, or never.

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Reported version 3.6

+1 for having this.

As a side note, it's possible to have this on, by first creating and uploading an unrolled version WITH sound export, then adding that URL as source for the original file and uploading it WITHOUT sound export. I've just tried it on this for the ritardando on the second repeat at the end.

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That's one of the possible workarounds though

Anyway, as this issue tracker here is being discontinued better report it on GitHub