Isaac Weiss

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Issue "Insert" attachments broken Isaac Weiss 4 1 week ago
Issue [New website] Bring back horizontal lines separating lists Isaac Weiss 2 1 week ago
Issue Website links and things that need to be updated Isaac Weiss 16 2 weeks ago
Issue Add a two and four measure (multi-measure) repeat sign with playback Nicolas 210 2 weeks ago
Blog GSoC 2016 - Project Demo Videos - Semi-Realtime MIDI shoogle 10 2 weeks ago
Blog GSoC 2016 - Week 12 - Rhythmic durations shoogle 6 2 weeks ago
Forum topic choke cymbal notation AndreasKågedal 10 1 month ago
How To How to restore sound if playback stops working Isaac Weiss 0 1 month ago
Issue Brackets for accidental do not propagate to linked parts Isaac Weiss 16 1 month ago
Forum topic Midi - 1 channels piano. How to export 2 channels piano for 2 hands? musicmusic1010 8 1 month ago
Issue [MusicXML] Repeat measure sign not exported or imported chen lung 55 1 month ago
Issue Add a "second time only" option (For repeats, not Volta) Space. 25 2 months ago
Forum topic Wallpaper - Background made for musescore Philip Bergwerf 26 2 months ago
How To How to fix a score that contains corruptions Isaac Weiss 0 2 months ago
How To How to change MuseScore's DPI Isaac Weiss 0 3 months ago
Blog GSoC 2020 Work Product: New and Improved Multimeasure Rests and Measure Repeats Isaac Weiss 6 3 months ago
Issue Support for large time signatures Isaac Weiss 22 3 months ago
Issue Crash on any style change after pasting text Isaac Weiss 7 4 months ago
Issue stemlet (stems over rests) ericfontainejazz 29 4 months ago
Issue old style multimeasure rests Wiering 49 4 months ago
Issue Add shortcut for switching between parts in a score Isaac Weiss 4 4 months ago
Forum topic Keyboard shortcut for switiching between parts in a score Isaac Weiss 11 4 months ago
Issue Edit Drumset APPLY button doesn't work worldwideweary 9 5 months ago
Forum topic Save As Ali Wood 46 5 months ago
Issue "Save As..." (and more) should default to current file location instead of Scores directory or other previous folder Isaac Weiss 23 5 months ago