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Platform Mac OS X Yosemite
Occupation Student
Github account IsaacWeiss
Country United States
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Issue Crash when undo after save in a score with parts and courtesy key sig Isaac Weiss1411 sec ago
IssueSlurs disappear, in the most cases, after editing and Escape if the bordering note values are different mike320121 hour ago
IssueMac OS X El Capitan missing from "platform" section of developer profile duck5777 hours ago
IssueAllow long note groups to scroll or pan in "Create Time Signature" dialog grinningcat3818 hours ago
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BlogOpenScore: Join the transcription effort! shoogle411 day ago
IssueRange select -> "Notes" button in Inspector includes grace notes in list selection, disabling Inspector Isaac Weiss192 days ago
IssueSlash notehead position needs adjusting geetar52 days ago
IssuePopup windows open outside the desktop BattleFalcon42 days ago
IssueIn "Create Time Signature" note groups, allow simultaneous beam editing for 8ths/16ths/32nds grinningcat182 days ago
IssueDo Shape note misaligned with stem (Emmentaler) geetar132 days ago
Forum topicA#m or Dbm karthiks25112 days ago
IssueMusicXML crash on a particular file lasconic143 days ago
Issueunify save/restore window positions jeetee163 days ago
IssueTool windows become unusable if they were moved to a secondary screen gajatko173 days ago
BlogIntroducing OpenScore shoogle593 days ago
IssueFile > Save Selection… leads to corrupt score if selection is not 4/4 and does not start with time signature Isaac Weiss103 days ago
Forum topicMusescore/Edit Text Style/Measure Number woodside3154 days ago
IssueFix custom key signatures sraduvictor84 days ago