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Forum topic Version declared in MSCX seems inconsistent fmiyara 3 4 hours ago
Forum topic Independent Instrument Volume Kadeo26 5 7 hours ago
Issue "Save As..." (and more) should default to current file location instead of Scores directory or other previous folder Isaac Weiss 6 1 day ago
Forum topic Add "insert frame" to rt/click staff/measure facility. xavierjazz 3 2 days ago
Forum topic Can Musescore remember the directoy I last used? blackears 9 3 days ago
Issue Add VST Support to MuseScore 3 3 days ago
Forum topic Default location for saving files darkstream 13 4 days ago
Forum topic Impossible to leave edit mode in MuseScore 3.0-dev mattmcclinch 4 4 days ago
Forum topic Save as... & Save a copy... dialog box should open on current score folder frfancha 6 4 days ago
Issue Location of file should appear somewhere when it is opened and saved chen lung 7 4 days ago
Issue Save as troublebass 2 4 days ago
Issue Up/down arrow keys in first/last line of text don't go to beginning/end Isaac Weiss 8 4 days ago
Forum topic computer-aided input of printed scores Keith Paton 4 5 days ago
Issue Add temple blocks instrument Isaac Weiss 21 5 days ago
Issue Ottava in custom palette loses customized text in Line Properties when double-clicked onto score geetar 7 6 days ago
Blog Developing MuseScore 3.0: Making things easier Isaac Weiss 110 1 week ago
Forum topic Plugin Manager for MuseScore Gangani Chamika 5 1 week ago
Issue [Timeline] More visible cell divididers Isaac Weiss 4 1 week ago
Blog MuseScore 3.0 under development: MuseScore gets smart Isaac Weiss 164 1 week ago
Forum topic Music fonts JonathanLopez127 6 2 weeks ago
How To How to fix a score that contains corruptions Isaac Weiss 0 2 weeks ago
Issue Measure shifts back and forth with each layout Isaac Weiss 10 2 weeks ago
Issue [MusicXML] support .musicxml file extension Leon Vinken 7 2 weeks ago
Issue Regroup Rhythms deletes various elements, even more lost on undo Isaac Weiss 16 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Theming Dewdman42 3 3 weeks ago