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Handbook Recovered files Recorder485 0 2 days ago
Forum topic Unregistered PDF download of scores by Pro users on ThomasW 18 4 days ago
Issue 'Lock-Score' Tool Recorder485 24 1 week ago
Issue Text Changes not saved if in text edit mode whilst saving jeetee 3 3 weeks ago
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Issue Scores saved in unexpected location if saved after MuseScore crashes and restores session Cocoroco 22 4 weeks ago
Issue Copying all layout information to parts TinyTrouble 53 1 month ago
Forum topic Control of lyrics parameters? Recorder485 20 1 month ago
Forum topic Courtesy clef not showing up bsimcha18 29 1 month ago
Forum topic free account limitations should be obvious from the start dmbaturin 19 2 months ago
Issue old style multimeasure rests Wiering 19 2 months ago
Forum topic Indicate the level of difficulty of a partition R.G 23 2 months ago
Issue Add temple blocks instrument Isaac Weiss 19 2 months ago
Forum topic Open score as "read only" and/or password protection RAMALAM 13 2 months ago
Forum topic Adjusting note length adds rests or deletes notes Comissar 39 2 months ago
Forum topic Saving in Mp3 format Anonymous (not verified) 28 3 months ago
Forum topic The MuseScore Symphony (Symphony in D minor) now complete and online Peter Schaffter 15 3 months ago
Issue Leading and trailing space for clefs and key sigs reset to zero when score is closed geetar 4 3 months ago
Issue Inability to remove vertical frames leads to a crash cadiz1 11 3 months ago
Forum topic Contrabass/Double bass range Laurelin 16 4 months ago
Issue Dynamic Translation: It shouldn't be needed to restart MuseScore to change the UI language lasconic 8 4 months ago
Issue Sound stops after 2 notes if playing the attached score Joachim Backes 12 4 months ago
Issue ignore dynamics during playback orbisvicis 8 4 months ago
Forum topic How to find a real performance of my piece Arianna2001 19 5 months ago
Forum topic Request for comment: Doing away with Staff Properties "Part name" and using "Long instrument name" instead Isaac Weiss 38 5 months ago