Text Changes not saved if in text edit mode whilst saving

• Oct 7, 2016 - 14:20
Reported version
S3 - Major

1. Start with My First Score
2. Click on first measure rest
3. Ctrl-T to start adding staff text
4. type something, but remain in text edit mode
5. Press Ctrl-S and save the file
6. Close the file (it is not marked dirty anymore)
7. Re-open the file

Expected Result: Staff text is present
Actual Result: Staff text is missing

This seems to hold true for all text elements


Not sure if this observation will help identify where the bug might reside, but this behaviour is not possible in 2.0.1. While in text edit/entry mode, if I hit CTL+S that combination generates a text character (usually a pi character, depending on what input keyboard I am using), and the "Save" icon on the main toolbar is greyed out, as is the "Save" command on the File dropdown. To save the file at all, one HAS to exit text entry/edit mode, and at that point, of course, any of the "Save" commands work properly.

Status (old) active fixed
Status active fixed

In the new text editing implementation Text is now updated after every single editing operation.