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Forum topic Possibility of Adding a "Worksheet Mode" to Musescore to Make Work Easier for Making Worksheets? Justin M. Bornais 11 11 minutes ago
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Forum topic Very odd behavior when trying to drag hairpin handle to the left David McCaulley 13 5 hours ago
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Forum topic New version norwood54 2 6 hours ago
Forum topic mike320's wish list for version 4 mike320 12 7 hours ago
Forum topic By hitting playback it stops by itself at a double bar with tempo change or programm does not respond for a while cicik9638 23 8 hours ago
Issue Issues with the latest upgrade Smorg 4 8 hours ago
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Forum topic musescore 3.5 version davidlascelle1 18 8 hours ago
Forum topic Musescore doesn't see my soundcard nor my midi interfaces. So, no sound. salvadorbahia1 19 9 hours ago
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Issue Provide a way to attach a slur to a specific note within a chord y_yamada 16 10 hours ago
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Forum topic Adding an extra instrument to existing score Lee Meng Hee 3 14 hours ago
Forum topic No MIDI Playback (but MIDI INPUT works) on Symphony Orchestra Template connorcarbon 11 15 hours ago
Issue Make applying single note tremolo a toggle operation antonjazzsax 15 18 hours ago
Issue Instruments may be removed with the delete key Jim Kenith 1 18 hours ago