Cowbell (for latin)

• Jan 25, 2019 - 13:32

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to create different sounds with a cowbell with musescore. I guess this is possible with midi etc but just wondered if anyone knows if it is otherwise possible. I simply what to create the classic regular salsa beat but with the sound differences: 1 2+ 3 4+ . First and third beats played open, others closed (top and middle of cowbell). Is it possible to muffle a note to create a difference in sound. Have tried simply accentuating the first and third beats.

Many thanks



You would need to find a soundfont with the two sounds and then use the appropriate sound for each beat.

If you find a soundfont with the two sound in the percussion channel I'll tell you a trick to make it easier.

You need a soundfont that supports Latin percussion setup.
(Note that these setups are not compatible with GM or any other soundfont; and therefore you must be strictly committed to the soundfont you are using)

Unfortunately, there is no way to write briefly here; [alert]Last chance to escape :) [/alert]

If you are using Windows: Install Finale notepad 2012 (free) link:

and search for the synthgms.sf2 soundfont on your system.
Possible file location: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Finale NotePad 2012 \ Audio Support"

If you are using a Mac or other operating system, download one of the trial versions of Finale. (You can find the same soundfont in "2012" demo versions.)
Note: Don't download older versions of this soundfont (or very old 1MB, 2 MB versions) on the Internet. These are useless.

Download the instrument-list see attachment:
Extract the xml file inside the archive and copy it to the Musescore's (user) Instruments directory. (this instrument-list doesn't conflict with the original instrument list.)
And add it to here: Edit menu=>Preferences=>Score: instrument list 2

Note: The synthgms.sf2 file must be added and visible in the synthesizer.
See: synthesizer.jpg
If you click the "Save to Score" button or "Set as Default" button from the synthesizer, you can avoid adding the soundfont to the synthesizer every time.

When you add instruments under each title (See: instruments.jpg) , you must find and select the percussion kit with the same name (with title) from the Mixer.
example-1 see: mixer.jpg => Bongos is under Cuban Percussion
example-2 see: mixer2.jpg => Agogo-Hi is under Brazilian Percussion
Repinique is under Brazilian Percussion, etc...

That's all I can do.
Other friends can help you in the rest.

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Hi Ziya, it's been a while since we saw you.

It doesn't matter if the soundfont is GM compatible. As long as the sounds are in the percussion channel, it's possible to easily define a drumset that allows both sounds for the cowbell. You will probably be limited to sounds in this soundfont in that drumset, but I don't see that being a problem to be able to implement the instrument. Even if the sound isn't in the percussion channel, it's still doable, but messy.

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"Studio Session Band" has a few problems.

One of these is the Drumset volumes. (In particular: I'm not satisfied with the low volume of Kicks)

Secondly: some places have problems with tuning.

Third: I had to convert to "Mono" because it exceeded 1.5GB in size. And this has affected the sound quality. (I'm not very happy with the result). Yes, size reduced, but the quality has decreased as well.

Fourth: I find it hard to make a list of instruments (and the xml file). Specifically: If I erase the private banks I prepared for the guitars, It will succeed. But I don't want to sacrifice these.

Maybe in the near future, I can take some time to get things done and then publish them.

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Thanks for reply and for the update @Ziya: I'm aware that @Ericfontainejazz contributed MuseScore's GeneralSoundfont with Saxophone recordings, which sounds quite good.
But some time ago, you attached in another discussion a sound sample of the Alto saxophone from your sound font, and I fall in love with it ;-). Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge by compressing the size of such recordings to contribute it.

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@kuwitt, Except using two different sound fonts on the same beat of the same instrument/staff (for example for different voices). doesn't make total sense. There is a way to get 2 sounds from different soundfonts using the same instrument if you use voices. It's just a little tricky.

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Without going into detail yet, if the sounds are in different soundfonts you have to use a pitched instrument with more than one channel assigned to it and use the same process as pizz. and arco and change names as needed.

If you have both sounds in one soundfont in the percussion channel, it's just matter of defining a drumset like any other percussion instrument. You need to know which percussion channels they assigned the sounds to.

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My thoughts (and I'm aware this will overexert an average user - and it's my fault ;): You've to edit the mscx file (or alternatively instruments.xml ?) to adding a channel for the same instrument to second voice, so it's possible to select another sound from a different sound font inside the mixer.

Sorry that I started a discussion - I'm aware it isn't productive for the request.

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Hi Ziya, many, many thanks for all this. I am pretty primitive with all this and just visualize the sound and feel that I want but clearly have a lot to do and learn here. I will note all that you have included here. I am just a little bewildered by it all through lack of technical knowledge and ignorance but will as I said to Mike (see above) sort this - anything to realise my sounds!

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