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Forum topic Change Mixer Patch mid-song christian.litster 30 6 days ago
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Issue Most of the tool menu is in a different language than English, but some is in English. How do i fix this? And right of screen is cut off. Windows 10 robertmccully 4 5 months ago
Issue Request direct way to change playback effect of articulations peastman 30 5 months ago
Forum topic Request the ability to rearrange newly created time signatures [DELETED] 29378932 11 6 months ago
Issue Marching band snare drum cymbals don't sound jazzydan153 15 6 months ago
Forum topic Collaborative Scores!! 9musicnerd 4 6 months ago
Forum topic Some small ideas for improving current note input workflow Marc Sabatella 11 6 months ago
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Forum topic Can't delete rests steven_brown1 4 7 months ago
Forum topic Musescore does not remember the export folder previously used and always defaults to Documents/Musescore 3/Scores Citryte 14 7 months ago
Forum topic Tempo Line [DELETED] 29378932 2 7 months ago
Issue Phantom notes [DELETED] 29378932 12 7 months ago
Issue Quindicesima and ottava sound dropout problem [DELETED] 29378932 5 8 months ago
Forum topic Apply staff spacing throughout a score with one click [DELETED] 29378932 2 8 months ago
Forum topic Smart rests [DELETED] 29378932 1 8 months ago
Issue Stave brackets disappear on a 1 line percussion staff shoogle 20 8 months ago
Issue Key Signatures Don't Transpsoe agustafson140 12 9 months ago
Issue Gracenote lasts way too long OlyDLG 14 9 months ago
Issue Sound Problem? Earthstarz_29_ 6 9 months ago