transcribe mp3 audio files to sheet music with lyrics

• Mar 10, 2018 - 00:02

I'm looking for a way to transcribe mp3 audio files to sheet music with lyrics.
I have a program which will pick out chords from audio mp3 files and will let you type in text, but you have to figure out how to fit text under correct chords.

I would like software that, if I play an audio mp3 file on the computer (simple guitar and vocals), the program will create actual sheet music (one note melody line) with chord names (C#, Em, etc) superimposed over lyrics.

Not to be real picky, but I would prefer a freeware program instead of purchasing something that then doesn't prove to do what I want to do.


And I would like a program that will take a curry from my local takeaway and print out a recipe sheet but, sadly, that ain´t gonna happen any time soon. Generating a decent score from an mp3 file is similar and although there are programs that have a stab at it I haven´t yet found one that works on anything other than an almost pure melody. Keep Googling and maybe someone will come up with a decent program but if they did then I would be astonished if they didn´t charge money for it.

i have found free online software that has been able to do it with a single instrument that has no major overtones. otherwise it is really a messy midi output. My recorder will work, but the piano won't, the guitar sometimes--but only one note at a time.
here is one of the several

Unfortunately... Human being has not reached that perfect level, yet.

There are a plenty of software in the web that say "we do the job", but…

I really want to have an interface with a software that "reads" my mind and then write the full score directly in the screen and the paper, but... Maybe in some "near" future (when elephants fly)...

Your own brain is the best software on the planet. There are free websites that will help you to brush up on your ear training skills. You can try, and there are many others, free and for a fee. With the right training, you won't need software. You can just listen and write down what you hear.

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