Musescore does not remember the export folder previously used and always defaults to Documents/Musescore 3/Scores

• Jun 2, 2020 - 02:48

Musescore does not remember the export folder previously used and always defaults to Documents/Musescore 3/Scores. I was wondering if there was a fix to this, and if not, I would just like to bring attention to the issue in hopes of it being resolved in a future update.


Export folder should be remembered, or should default to the folder containing the score itself. Sounds like you might have a permissions problem preventing MuseScore from savings it’s settings. What OS, what version of MuseScore?

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It has come to my attention that, at least as of November 2019, the behavior I described is intentional. For reference: . In this post there was mention that an advanced option to change this behavior should be implemented, and I agree with that notion, as it is very cumbersome to have to navigate all the way to my Musescore MP3 export folder every time I want to export a score.

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I think you are misunderstanding the situation. MuseScore has never defaulted to your Scvores folder. It has never worked this way, and no one has ever proposed it should. Previously, exports would default to the folder you last saved to, and there were many requests to default to the folder containing the score itself, and this was implemented. Then were was one request to go back to the old method. But again, never does it just go to Scores. Older versions defaulted to the last saved-to folder, current versions default to the folder containing the score itself.

So if you are seeing the default being Scores even for scores that were not opened from that folder, something is wrong with your installation - likely as permissions problem in your home folder.

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When the implementation of the change was discussed, people in favour of keeping the old behaviour (not me) were describing a scenario like yours:
exporting lot of scores to another folder, always the same, and wanting that export dialog box remembers it.
However, while there are workarounds to achieve that with only one click or one key press, there is no workaround at all to get what is the most desired/common and now current behaviour being default to folder of the current score.
So, what are the ways you can use?
Well at least 3 of them:
-pin your mp3 folder in your file manager, so in the export dialog box the mp3 folder is only one click away
-copy the path of your mp3 folder before your bunch of exports, so in export dialog box the mp3 folder is reached by one keyboard action (ctrl+V)
-just export all your mp3's in the score folder, and after all exports are done sort the score folder content by type in file manager, and cut and paste all mp3's from score folder to mp3 folder

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Unless they decide to bring back the old behavior as an optional setting, my new method of doing things will just be to export to the Scores folder with all the mcsz files and have that folder set to sort by file type. With the folder set to sort by file type, it's still a pretty organized setup, at least.

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FWIW, I rather preferred old way too, but I was definitely in a minority, and it was a VERY LOUD majority that begged for the change.

Do you literally have all your scores in a single folder? That to me seems an odd way of organizing things, but indeed, simply sorting by type would then give you the sort of separation you seem to want here.

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Edit > Preferences > General tab. Look for the Folders section, and below that, the Scores input box. Press the little folder button on the right of it, and you can choose your score folder. You can then delete the original one so that your score folder becomes the default.

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