Export folder - choose / remember

• Jul 16, 2019 - 16:11
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P2 - Medium
S5 - Suggestion

Version 2 didn't have this problem.
When I work on a file and then try to export it to another folder (for example I want only pdf in dropbox, not the mscz file) the destination chooser always goes to the folder where source file resides.

This is very cumbersome and time consuming. I almost NEVER wish to have pdf in the same folder as mscz.

Better would be either:
a) remember last opened folder (like version 2 behaviour)
b) create a setting where I can specify default folder to open when exporting


Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion
Priority P2 - Medium

Interestingly, so many people complained about the old behavior, I think that is why it was changed.

Should perhaps be a preference.

Seconding Matej on this one. It's very time consuming when you need to export several parts and mp3 in the same folder. I hope this will be changed.
When you work with a lot of different scores and you want to organise them, you don't want all the files in the same folder.

To be clear, for a ling time export & save as did not default to the current folder, it remembered the last used folder instead. We got very many and very strong complaints about that, so we finally changed it. So far I see two people that have complained about the change.

An advanced preference to provide the option of going back to the old behavior is fine by me, as long as it defaults to the current behavior. It should indeed affect both export and save as.

Let me be the third to complain then. This has been a spanner in the works for me for a long time now.
In my view, this should be an option in Preferences -> Export. If that is not in vicinity of happening, I'd be glad to take advice on how to go about changing the code on and for myself.

I use Musescore to make sheet music for myself for gigs; weddings and such. Now, just next week is one of such gigs and I'm in the process of doing sheet music for ~50 songs. (Or I have to transpose as score I already have and export it again). That's not uncommon. Every time I export a song, I have to go and crawl through my directory structure to find my folder, where I keep my pdfs. And in majority of cases, when I have done that, I notice a mistake in the score and have to do it again, and maybe again after that.

This might fell amount to +100 repetitions in a week. It total takes SO much time every time I use Musescore for what is my number 1 use case. More importantly, it's very very frustrating. If this isn't solved, I think I will write a script that moves those pdfs out of the Scores folder for me automatically, it's really that bad.

To me it seems very odd to have your .mscz files in the same folder as your pdfs, which I keep in a separate folder, which is synced to my devices and sometimes peers who need to get hold of the latest scores. I guess this is more an issue of organizational temperament and the diversity of our brain wirings if there really has been such a vocal group of complainers about the earlier behaviour.

Indeed, different people organize differently, and keeping PDF's with the scores is quite common, which is why we had literally hundreds of complaints before the change. Since many other programs do things the way we do now, how do you deal with this issue with them? Or is MuseScore the only program you typically export PDF's from? I think most OS's and/or window managers provide options in the file dialog to "bookmark" certain folders, so that's the standard recommendation - if you want to always export to single folder, just bookmark it for easy access within file dialogs. But the details on that are OS-dependent, since that's a feature provided by the OS.

The way I solved it is to put a shortcut to the PDF folder in the source folder - yes, some configuration options would be nice, but this way is good enough for me - I'm always 1 mouse click away.