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Forum topic Some interface details for 3.0.5 fmiyara 5 16 hours ago
Forum topic V3 file extension should not be the same as V2 frfancha 49 2 days ago
Forum topic Slow rectangular selection in continuous view zigzag312 44 4 days ago
Issue Musescore 3.0.4 Accessibility drawback hhpmusic 29 4 days ago
Forum topic Transfer between versions Mandoleer 8 4 days ago
Forum topic Autoplace is nice frfancha 2 4 days ago
Forum topic Office 365 mscz qurantine Paul Hesketh 21 4 days ago
Forum topic fingering collides with "3" from triplet - 3.0.5 frfancha 2 5 days ago
Issue "Save As..." (and more) should default to current file location instead of Scores directory or other previous folder Isaac Weiss 19 5 days ago
Forum topic very confused between the .com site and the .org site 123bedford 47 1 week ago
Forum topic Keyboard nav "Quality of Life" issues Louis Cloete 41 1 week ago
Forum topic Newest Version Issues Mike McGee 3 1 week ago
Issue Need option to completely disable Auto Placement dhfx 132 1 week ago
Forum topic debian apt-get install "old" musescore (2.0.3) frfancha 9 1 week ago
Issue File path and name in score properties in unselectable and can't be copied to clipboard frfancha 20 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Go back to Musescore 2 Danker Schaareman 29 2 weeks ago
Issue Easy fingering input mode Shoichi 33 2 weeks ago
Issue Update fingering position on change of beam orientation frfancha 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Fingerings do not avoid beams frfancha 20 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Scaling in MuseScore 3 is way off for me Quinten Pieter… 10 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Deleting measures in Musescore 3 eswph 13 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Chord symbol style defaults Marc Sabatella 6 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Updates and corrupted files Peter Gopsill 18 3 weeks ago
Issue Let right-click toggle between adding rests and notes Marc Sabatella 7 1 month ago
Forum topic Musescore 2.1 goes into install mode and hangs after recent windows 10 update Mjmatthews51 26 1 month ago