I need a phone number so I can speak to this scam company directly

• Dec 10, 2019 - 01:37

Why in the world does the website not have a phone number support network? Is it because you rely on scamming people who want to cancel? Is that the only way you make money?


This website doesn't have anything to cancel, you must be thinking of musescore.com. So you'd need to ask for help over there. Pretty sure they don't make enough money to pay phone operators, though - support is by email.

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Does the contract say that it will charge you for a years service when you are trying to cancel, tell you that you got a yearly trial when you got the monthly trial, already paid for the month you used, and then precharged a service fee for a year when your month service wasn't even over yet? You seem way more involved in the website than you let on. Being polite is hard when a company pretends to be professional and then steals from you.

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They are different. They are not completely different. the .com site relies on the software which is maintained by those on the .org site (which is open source) and their own web software (which is not public). The .org site is about the open-source application software, and maintained by volunteers. The .com site is for score sharing, and is maintained by employees of Ultimate Guitar in Kaliningrad, Russia. Accounts and payments are the .com site. The .org site is for talking about the desktop application software, which does not involve any kind of payment or account.

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musescore.org is the site dedicated to the MuseScore notation software itself
musescore.com is a site for sharing scores created with the MsueScore notation software

Because both relate to MuseScore, and both are operated by the same company, and a great many people interesting in one site are also interested in the other, it makes a ton of sense to be able to use the same login info on both. But, the software is open source, and isn't manned by support people - just volunteers like us, who have no involvement in the score sharing business. So there is nothing we volunteers can do to help, except to tell you where you need to go to get that help, and also give you friendly advice on how to go about it.

So it's not really accurate to say this is "historical" only. It's the way it is for a reason - the same reaosn that existed in the past exists today.

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That's not it at all. MuseScore is free open source software that has been developed and supported by volunteers from the very beginning - long before there was a musescore.com, long before Ultimate Guitar became involved. We do this because we believe in the software we create and love what we do, same now as always. The company couldn't get us to stop doing this even if they tried :-)

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Of course, I agree, it is everyone's responsibility to read the 'Terms of Service'.
Obviously, however, this is not the way it works (or not always): just look at the recurring requests for cancellation that it causes on this forum.
I have no idea that the current process is common on other sites. If it were up to me (and it will never be the case!), I would prefer that the 30-day trial of MuseScore Pro be really and completely free (so, no need for a credit card for the trial).
And that if you are convinced after the 30-day, you can continue to use it by validating a necessary subscription this time.
For the moment, it is a "positive" subscription by default (i.e. we are betting on the continuation of the use of MuseScore Pro)
However, experience shows that some users do not read the terms of service, or simply forget to cancel (and to whom has this never happened?)

My opinion simply.

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Hello Cadiz1,
I fully agree with you that it is a "positive" subscription by default. MuseScore.com is trying a little too hard to force the hand and, in my opinion, hopes that some will forget to cancel. But legally, they apply the contract, which is accessible to all.
Two or three months ago I continued the registration further on, still to test it. I had given my credit card number and finalized the registration. I seem to remember that the test was then only for a week.
The next day I had cancelled my contract, as indicated, and had not been charged any fees

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I totally agree with both of you, therefore anybody is responsible to give his CB number.
To me, if a site request my CB number, it is a real alert !
We have to understand that 49 $ is a high price for some people, but why have they have given their CB number ? if money is a real concern for them and their family.

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The thing is that they confuse new users who believe this is the way to get the MuseScore software.
I have convinced friends to use MuseScore, but when they were left alone to search on internet for the software they were really thinking that subscribing on MuseScore was the way to go.
And some of them were computer literate, so it isn't a problem of general IT familiarity.

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That is absolutely true. Many of my chorister friends are working on their part on my MuseScore page and some of them want to open an account or even install the program. I had to warn them several times because they thought they had to click on "Start free trial". I recognize that the procedure to open a free basic account is much more hidden than that of a pro account.

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The thing is so complex (that is, is this one organization or two, one company or two, who controls what, etc.) that I don't feel I can explain it correctly—Marc has to correct me each time I try. It is not at all obvious, and it is not obvious whether it should make a difference or not. The fact that (apparently) the feedback button on the application brings you to the .com site doesn't help. The fact that (very desirable) smooth integration between the .com and the uploading of scores from the app works to confuse the issue, too. The fact that there is one login, not two, and the sites look (visually) very similar, doesn't help, either. The interlocking of the business, historical, and operational aspects of the two sites and operations is a complex thing, and I have sympathy for newcomers who land on the wrong shore or are otherwise confused. "One firm in websites two", to paraphrase an old Christmas carol.

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That's just a start. Perhaps it should be expanded to a real explanation by someone competent to provide it, and a pointer to it be placed at the top of every page of this site. The only purpose of this site is to help people who have problems, with the software, and that confusion is a common problem. Just saying, "No, Johnny, he's one God, but in persons three!" is not enough for many people. If not adequately explained, "What's the matter with you guys? Whyis it my problem to figure out which site to use, and I have to hear "no, you should visit the other site?" Why can't you guys get your act together?" remains a fair question, as well as, "That's very interesting, but what did you do with my $49?"

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I have a guess about why they do this. IT COULD BE COMPLETELY WRONG (please don't internet-yell at me if it is).
Let's say that there is a universe where the trial didn't need credit card info. In this universe, there is a person who has a MuseScore trial that's about to expire. This person doesn't want to go without MuseScore Pro, and they don't want to pay for it. So they make a new account with a new email address, then start a new free trial on that account.

In that universe, you can just keep making accounts and starting free trials forever. This way, your trials are limited by your number of credit cards.

But also, that's on MuseScore.COM not here at MuseScore.ORG (although that's been mentioned several times already, so it's kind of redundant).

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Cancel whatever you want, everything here on musescore.org is free anyway, so you shouldn't have to pay for it.

Or you've not bothered reading any responses here at all, nor followed the provided links to https://musescore.org/en/faq#faq-20657 making you aware that you're venting your frustration in the wrong place.

FWIW, the 30-day trail doesn't charge you at the start; if you however during the process decided you'd want the discounted yearly subscription instead (which doesn't have a trail) then yes, you'd be charged right away.

And still: any and all subscription issues can only be dealt with via support@musescore.com

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The sad fact is that sending mail to support@musescore.com does not bring useful results since their answer(s), at least in my case, point to case number URL(s) that cannot be accessed with my account login info.
Obviously enough, since that's the only contact, we're in a sort of "catch 22" situation!
Shame that such a powerful application has to be "hands & foots" tied/linked/associated to so many administrative inconveniences.. Unless it can fly with its own wings... or not?

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When I go into my mail, hovering with the mouse over the MuseScore answer I see this [open mus-1.jpg] and clicking on [View ticket] I see this [open mus-2.jpg].
When I key-in my login info it doesn't recognise them.
In my mail to support I've asked for :
1) the invoice for my payment, as well as
2) the legal info of the company I'm dealing with.

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Marc Sabatella, you are awesome! So patient! And may I say, I, for one, am very grateful to all the volunteers and developers and folks who have helped develop MuseScore and make it open source. Kudos to you all!

I subscribe to PRO account for a year since 7 days now. When I go to settings subscription it say that i have an active subscription to PRO. But, I still see the GO Pro button and I can't download score. I contact the support and they tell me that it take some time a little time. That was 7 days ago and the situation is the same. Until now I paid for nothing...

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That's kind of hard on this website, as it doesn't even sell anything.

Or perhaps you're talking about the sister site musescore.com? Those do have a subscription model, but so far I've not seen one scam happening on there. What I have seen are people complaining about being scammed because they didn't read what they were signing up for...

In any case, you might as well have written this post on a note in your local supermarket, as that would be as relevant as posting it here on this site..

I want a way to cancel my free trial of 7 days. I don’t want to pay the yearly $69.90 yearly wc will be charged tomorrow if I don’t cancel today. I don’t have the money for it. I logged in in hopes of finding a site to cancel but all I see is a message asking me to send my activation email. I am canceling my trial membership. Pls cancel as I don’t have the money for the membership. I hope I will not be scammed. Thank you.

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