How and where to ask for support

on or


There are 2 sites, and the same login works for both, and they share a common Help Center.

  • is the site for questions about the MuseScore editor software itself, the free, open source desktop software (Windows, Mac, Linux...) and its support and documentation.
    (.org is the top level domain for non-profit organizations)

  • is the site for posting, sharing, and discussing MuseScore scores; It is also for discussing the mobile apps (for iOS, Android, Fire OS). You can also import music PDFs, and send scores to YouTube. It is here where you can have a "Pro" (paid) or limited "free" account.
    (.com is the top level domain for commercial sites)

For there are several forums divided by categories:


While for there are numerous discussion groups


including those dedicated to the Mobile Apps

Any questions or issues concerning billing (of a Pro subsciption) should be sent to Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. There is no billing support via public discussions, neither in the forums on, nor in groups on
To cancel a Pro account/subscription go to your profile

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