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Issue preset tool palettes empty SteveZivin 12 1 hour ago
Forum topic Perte de partition Sonia2002 1 2 hours ago
Issue Crash when changing Time Signature in parts rwillmer 12 2 hours ago
Forum topic Battre mesure en 3/1 fdrp76 2 3 hours ago
Forum topic Plantage à la sauvegarde après un changement de mesure (6/8 -> 2/4) rdmarmotte 4 3 hours ago
Issue New time signature often but not always shows twice in parts julianpinn 4 5 hours ago
Forum topic fioritures non jouées Winfains 1 6 hours ago
Forum topic Importer un pdf Alto176 8 7 hours ago
Forum topic Gestion des double-barres de mesure Jean-Jacques Charles 5 9 hours ago
Forum topic Configuration recommandée, gros fichiers Jean-Jacques Charles 2 9 hours ago
Forum topic Musescore2 via Musescore3 ambre86000 10 9 hours ago
Issue Permanent courtesy time sig and key sig before system/page break when toggling in Continuous View and/or Parts Clément Caillol 28 17 hours ago
Issue Appended frame inactivates Page Up/Down and End keys in continuous view geetar 8 18 hours ago
Issue Cannot delete clefs jeroen2442 8 21 hours ago
Issue Need option to completely disable Auto Placement dhfx 81 22 hours ago
Issue Lyrics: select all and "X" causes program to freeze geetar 21 1 day ago
Forum topic Rappel d'indication de mesure Jean-Jacques Charles 1 1 day ago
Issue Regression—playback in single part instead plays full score Isaac Weiss 65 1 day ago
Issue Crash on enabling multimeasure rests in score with invisible staff containing tie on two systems ftyson 16 1 day ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.0 Beta Release Anatoly-os 170 1 day ago
Forum topic Stacked Glissandi loss after saving and re-opening. Zwischen0415 5 1 day ago
Forum topic Altérations de précaution automatiques ? Jean-Jacques Charles 1 1 day ago
Forum topic taille des notes Yves Caen 17 1 day ago
Forum topic Prise en compte de la taille du dernier système Jean-Jacques Charles 5 1 day ago
Issue Add notehead size style setting Marc Sabatella 8 1 day ago