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Issue Musescore 3.0.2 crash psjuma 6 2 hours ago
Forum topic paroles Augeix Yves 11 4 hours ago
Forum topic Construire une tablature pour accordéon diatonique Leonalexandre 5 9 hours ago
Issue Appended frame inactivates Page Up/Down and End keys in continuous view geetar 11 12 hours ago
Issue Changing time signature with septuplet/nonoplet and slurs results in crash cadiz1 3 16 hours ago
Issue Removing system breaks has no longer effect on the layout cadiz1 5 17 hours ago
Forum topic Musescore 3.0.2 several problems. albert.popov 12 1 day ago
Issue Error exporting parts when conductor is in a different format (A3/A4, Landscape/Portrait) Concorde215 5 1 day ago
Issue String data/tuning not synced between score and parts cadiz1 7 1 day ago
Issue Regression - Ctrl+click outside the staff loses selection cadiz1 9 1 day ago
Forum topic How to indicate a "blue" note? standard notation and tablature sideways 7 1 day ago
Issue Notes from a gp5/tuxguitar import detach from stem when being moved up/down using the cursor keys Jojo-Schmitz 9 1 day ago
Forum topic Noms des notes en notation ABCDEFG - corrections. Viviane Denis 8 1 day ago
Issue Changes to staff transposition (and other properties) not reflected in linked parts Marc Sabatella 13 1 day ago
Forum topic When I export a score to PDF in landscape layout, it saves as portrait instead but cuts half off! Help? Amy Goodwin 4 1 day ago
Issue Exporter le PDF "conducteur et parties" avec formats de page différents (portrait/paysage) adupire 2 1 day ago
Forum topic Format des parties foireux. Jean-Jacques Charles 15 1 day ago
Forum topic Trille au demi ton Jean-Jacques Charles 6 1 day ago
Issue preset tool palettes empty SteveZivin 21 1 day ago
Issue Style placement "Above/Below" needed for String Number cadiz1 1 1 day ago
Forum topic Contenu des palettes lucha 22 1 day ago
Issue Let Ctrl+click cycle through selection of overlapping elements Marc Sabatella 8 1 day ago
Forum topic ligature note entre différente voix Seclusion 3 2 days ago
Forum topic Problèmes sous osx Mojave jcsemv 2 2 days ago
Forum topic Inserted time signature in middle of lead sheet and it's showing double (two 4/4's side by side) edwardjc 11 2 days ago