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Forum topic Disappearing playback/note entry cursor when vertical scrolling is activated TomVal 2 1 hour ago
Forum topic Problème de son sur Musescore 2.1.0 Marco.Ho 15 3 hours ago
Issue [GP] Slurs are not imported cadiz1 13 4 hours ago
Issue Copying passage with cross-staff slur causes a crash JohnJ1995 9 4 hours ago
Issue Custom text not reflecting in parts causes a crash in copy-paste cadiz1 2 4 hours ago
Forum topic Deux sons d'instruments différents dans un même sustème ambre86000 5 12 hours ago
Issue The entering of lyrics, chord symbols and text is broken cadiz1 4 16 hours ago
Forum topic lack of drum entry james duke 4 16 hours ago
Forum topic liaisons et lecture Lou Becarut 2 16 hours ago
Issue Add a slur by drag and drop causes a crash cadiz1 2 17 hours ago
Issue Crash after Undo/Escape when editing glissandos and ties cadiz1 6 17 hours ago
Issue Crash when leaving ties edition cadiz1 4 18 hours ago
Forum topic Specific system in score will not shrink! Frustrating! Please help! Daniel Nahoa Ani 4 19 hours ago
Issue Fret conflicts in TAB staff are shown with red square background cadiz1 0 23 hours ago
Issue Edit arpeggios, brackets, spacers and stems causes a crash cadiz1 8 1 day ago
Issue The ties don't react the pitch change via the mouse cadiz1 0 1 day ago
Issue Crash when toggle mmrests after adding instruments cadiz1 1 1 day ago
Forum topic How can I add space between a measure bar and first entry? Megan R 8 1 day ago
Forum topic Cl. guitar notation, changing duration for bass-note G-Sun 8 1 day ago
Forum topic Can someone upload a mirror for 2.1 build? Dario Jahnel 6 1 day ago
Forum topic Séparer une portée de plusieurs voix en plusieurs instruments Dany25 4 1 day ago
Forum topic score can't upload without error M3RK_CHAOS 5 1 day ago
Forum topic Site et forum 19 2 days ago
Issue Crash by editing lines backwards when extend over the following system cadiz1 1 2 days ago
Issue Slurs not obeying voices of Selection filter cadiz1 3 2 days ago