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• Jan 10, 2023 - 21:01

Where is the image capture feature in MuseScore 4?

I use MuseScore to create a lot of worksheets for my students and image capture is vital to creating the worksheets.


The alternative for now is to take a screen shot and edit it in some kind of photo software. Paint in Windows, of example.

and it is still possible to export a score to PNG image, that could well serve as another workaround.

Windows users can try Win+Shift+s to fire up the integrated snipping tool

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Me too!!!!!! The Windows snipping tool is fine but almost impossible to get the same size box. If you don't, when pasting into another app, things don't align as smoothly. The camera tool is just more efficient in that regard.

The importance of the camera tool in Musescore is such that I may have to revert to Musescore 3 until the camera tool returns. That's a bummer I really like Musescore4.

To be clear, every OS comes with a built-in screenshot tool that provides the same basic functionality (drag to create a region, click to capture an image), and there are also tons of free third-party alternatives. The facility in MuseScore 3 was nice and had some interesting features, but still, it's still extremely simple to create screenshots using the tools already on your computer, and as mentioned, you can also install others if for some reason the built-in one in your OS isn't to your liking.

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Nah, I had to look it up again too :-). But I don't use Windows very often.

For completeness:

On Windows, use Windows+Shift+S

On Mac, use Cmd+Shift+4

On Chromebook, use Ctrl+Shift+(show windows)

On Linux, details may depend on your particular distribution and/or window manager, but apparently Shift+PrtScn and Ctrl+Shift+PrtScn are common

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FWIW, these shortcuts leave in everything visible in the score, including "greyed out" markings. The image capture tool presented the score as it would have been printed.
These shortcuts also do not have the transparent background like image capture does.

I would consider these a workaround, not a replacement for what was, for many, an essential feature.

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Which additional tedious step? The tools I listed above are all single shortcuts, exactly as convenient as the image capture tool was. It is true that some of them may leave files around as well, and there are some other disadvantages, so indeed, I do hope to see the built-in tool return. But meanwhile, the system screenshots tools really do an excellent job and should allow 99% of people to continue doing their great work!

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The more tedious steps are drawing the box around the desired content. Once you draw a box around and then let go of the mouse, the snipping automatically open's the capture in an app. At that point you realize how exact your capture was. If it was not so exact, then you have to repeat the draw. With the Musescore camera app, you just resize the box on the spot!

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A screenshot is won't give you the same results. Plus, for most people it is not as easy to create an svg file that can be insert in InDesign, for instance. If you are writing a book about music with staff notion in it a screenshot is of little help. Dorico's graphic slices seem to work fine, by the way.

The temporary solution of screenshooting with embedded OS function is really not an option for us teachers.
We need vectorized images (.svg) and not compromised/scaled images.
Also when you hide notes/pauses, the OS screenshot function can not really hide them.
Hope to be implemented in the near future.

PLEASE bring it back I'm a teacher making worksheets and exams and I hide rests and notes and bar lines to create 'wrong' options. Therefore a screenshot won't work as the hidden stuff still shows in grey.

I'm going back to version 3. There's nothing so useful in version 4 to justify the downgrade. It's not that easy to switch off those invisible markers and controls, colors and so on

I'll pay for Dorico just to have their "graphic slices" feature. To eliminate image capture from this 4 version is just preposterous.

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