This plugin uses the hidden tempo texts technique to simulate linear tempo changes such as accelerando and ritradando in MuseScore. The technique itself is taken straight out of the online handbook.

How does it work?

  1. Select the range of notes over which the tempo change has to take place
  2. Open up the plugin from Plugins - TempoChanges
    • Staff Text: Optional staff text to be created at the start of the tempo change. Leave blank if undesired.
    • BPM beat: Reference beat duration for both tempo settings below
    • Start BPM: Tempo of the first note in the selection (in BPM beats)
    • End BPM: Tempo of the first note after the selection (in BPM beats)
  3. Hit Apply. The plugin will now create invisible tempo texts on each segment within the selection and a final visible one on the first note after the selection with the resulting end tempo.


Plugin Dialog and resulting score fragment

Applying the Plugin Result


Please feel free to create Pull Requests on github containing translations for your language. Make sure to see the README.md to find out which part needs translation.

This plugin is currently available in:
* English
* Nederlands
* Deutsch (thanks Jojo-Schmitz)

Download and Install

https://github.com/jeetee/MuseScore_TempoChanges/archive/2.3.1.zip or use attached file

For installation see Plugins.

Tested with MuseScore 2.0.2, should work on 2.0+

Issue Tracker

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