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Forum topic Convincing a Music department to drop Mac's and Sibelius interele 22 3 hours ago
Forum topic [Fingering Placement] Implement "Auto" VS Explicit "fingering above/below" Howard-C 5 3 hours ago
Issue Stave brackets disappear on a 1 line percussion staff shoogle 11 4 hours ago
Issue S button beside "placement" property of fingering resets the property edrmiller 20 5 hours ago
Issue No palette available in MuseScore (Windows) RegPalmer 32 5 hours ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3.2 Release Anatoly-os 7 7 hours ago
Issue Accent cannot be played in the .mscz files transferred from 2.x David Copperfield 8 14 hours ago
Issue Adding ties to chords (0.9.4 regression) cwhysall 13 16 hours ago
Forum topic Albums in Musescore 3 ? lionhell 17 17 hours ago
Forum topic Palettes disappear in 3.3.1 on Windows 10 Howard-C 5 19 hours ago
Forum topic Cannot Read File Error Message abbyfenton 5 23 hours ago
Issue Lines with "line visible" disabled can't be selected by clicking the invisible line Xianyue賢越 23 1 day ago
Issue Note-Entry, non-uniform behavior depending on selected element type pereverzev_v 4 1 day ago
Forum topic Name of MuseScore on the websites Howard-C 5 1 day ago
Issue Allow metronome sound to be exported to sound files. mike320 11 1 day ago
Forum topic I am beginning to lose my temper. Weird Waltz 5 1 day ago
Forum topic My first experience. Mozart. Duet Alto & Tenor SAX astabegoniya 37 1 day ago
Issue Guitar and bass guitar don't get transposed when enabling "Concert Pitch". Reimans 6 1 day ago
Issue Courtesy accidentals disappear after an octave change using Ctrl + Up/Down Howard-C 9 2 days ago
Forum topic Horn in C transposition Jonah Chang in A442 54 3 days ago
Issue Palettes not working in newest version 3.3, Windows 10 edbridge 41 3 days ago
Issue Tuplets need a "Set bracket horizontal" checkbox in the Inspector DanielR 9 3 days ago
Forum topic Sf2 Grand Orchestra and Collection TriScore 19 3 days ago
Issue Palettes completely invisible and unusable in Ubuntu 18.04, using AppImage mount2010 32 4 days ago
Issue Problem inputting max. system distance because of interaction with min. SD setting geetar 5 4 days ago