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Forum topic MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. Anatoly-os 359 1 day ago
Issue Cross-staff beams getting jaggy and thicker from the side, an extra beam is also getting added joonatanrinne1 65 2 days ago
Issue MuseScore 3 startup time too long EdJako 31 6 days ago
Issue Add a two and four measure repeat sign Nicolas 209 6 days ago
Issue Add "Above/Below System" to measure number's "Placement" property Tristan H 40 1 week ago
Issue Single-note dynamics don't work with custom soundfonts? Howard-C 19 1 week ago
Issue Palettes Missing b2sing4u 11 1 week ago
Issue Accent playback inconsistent - too harsh for piano, too subtle for flute Marc Sabatella 13 1 week ago
Issue Allow minimizing note distance Howard-C 9 1 week ago
Issue Lines with "line visible" disabled can't be selected by clicking the invisible line Xianyue賢越 25 2 weeks ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs guifre 28 2 weeks ago
Forum topic 欢迎来到中文论坛! Howard-C 32 3 weeks ago
Issue Disable or weaken the jumping effect on the palettes menu when scrolling with the mouse wheel Ziya Mete Demircan 30 3 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4:从制谱软件到作曲软件 Howard-C 3 3 weeks ago
Issue Support slur (tie?) that starts from one note and doesn't have an end note Howard-C 6 3 weeks ago
Forum topic NEW Feature: Auto-converting images and PDFs to the MuseScore format directly in MuseScore Ximich 74 4 weeks ago
Issue Composition creation date field in the score creation wizard vlad-mus 6 4 weeks ago
Forum topic Improve "Hide Empty Staves" / "Don't hide empty staves in first system" Usability Jer Roque 14 1 month ago
Issue Unexpected tieing behaviour Howard-C 5 1 month ago
Forum topic Double Bass vs Contra Bass DC64 15 1 month ago
Forum topic How to create soundfonts that work with the new crescendo playback of MS 3.1. Heart of Mama 29 1 month ago
Issue Allow correct playback of cross-staff/voice arpeggios KostisP57 29 1 month ago
Issue Tremolos with custom style appear to be default when opening score Hayashi Neru 5 1 month ago
Issue Problem inputting max. system distance because of interaction with min. SD setting geetar 6 1 month ago
Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 100 1 month ago