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Issue Palettes completely invisible and unusable in Ubuntu 18.04, using AppImage mount2010 54 18 hours ago
Issue Scores corrupted beyond repair, containing nothing but zeros Jojo-Schmitz 33 3 days ago
Forum topic QQ群“MuseScore交流讨论区” Howard-C 9 1 week ago
Handbook 3 符号总面板 Howard-C 0 2 weeks ago
Forum topic NEW Feature: Auto-converting images and PDFs to the MuseScore format directly in MuseScore Ximich 83 2 weeks ago
Forum topic drh dsrhjuyk 2 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4:从制谱软件到作曲软件 Howard-C 6 2 weeks ago
Forum topic MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. Anatoly-os 443 3 weeks ago
Issue Invert the score colors in dark mode azmeuk 20 1 month ago
Issue Add multi-line text area for copyright in New Score Wizard and File -> Score Properties David Bolton 38 1 month ago
Forum topic Change default enharmonic spelling of accidentals ? BanjoJake 23 1 month ago
Forum topic Sf2 Grand Orchestra and Collection TriScore 21 1 month ago
Forum topic how to set number of measures per line dvpiano 17 1 month ago
Forum topic 咨询是否可以更改乐器名称 小玉angelwings 3 1 month ago
Forum topic Refund FalsoPastore 31 1 month ago
Issue Trills and other ornaments with sharp or flat signs guifre 31 2 months ago
Issue Allow Cut / Copy / Paste of frames ErlingI 5 2 months ago
Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 143 2 months ago
Forum topic How to create soundfonts that work with the new crescendo playback of MS 3.1. Heart of Mama 39 2 months ago
Issue Request for ability to customize playback of marcato to make it louder instead of shorter than sforzato geetar 8 2 months ago
Issue Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change Jojo-Schmitz 17 3 months ago
Issue UI for setting mode with key signature doesn't function properly marnen 12 3 months ago
Issue Export folder - choose / remember matej.baric@gm… 12 4 months ago
Issue flat or sharp problem in trill lines alois.jolliet 6 4 months ago
Issue Change voice for a tuplet in edit mode Nicolas 9 5 months ago