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Forum topic MuseScore 2.3.2 and "Upload Score Audio" fix Anatoly-os 14 2 months ago
Issue Crash when adding new time signature in the measure of a clef change cadiz1 14 2 months ago
Issue The message box of exporting WAV stuck on saying 0% before finishing Howard_C. 22 2 months ago
Issue Crash while inserting measure(s) in same measure as clef changes Howard_C. 12 2 months ago
Issue Suggesting the settings in the mixer to be numericalized Howard_C. 4 3 months ago
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Issue Updating a score doesn't update its audio Howard_C. 23 3 months ago
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Issue Tempos make super-fast or super-slow speeds Howard_C. 19 8 months ago
Forum topic People in some countries (like mainland China) usually don't have VISA cards or any other form of paying methods for the pro features. How are we supposed to do with it? Could the developers please add some other paying methods? Howard_C. 3 8 months ago
Issue Expecting section breaks to work separately in the main score and the parts Howard_C. 4 8 months ago
Forum topic How to use timpani in a live orchestral piece? (I'm asking for the most fundamental knowledge) Howard_C. 20 8 months ago