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Issue Export warning Quaver Crafter 2 1 day ago
Issue Cannot move tied note into another voice hjunes 17 3 days ago
Issue Sometimes MuseScore just won't start... Howard_C. 8 4 days ago
Issue Cross-page glissandos don't display normally Howard_C. 10 6 days ago
Forum topic Sf2 Grand Orchestra and Collection TriScore 17 6 days ago
Issue Suggesting to be able to edit the stave properties after instrument is changed Howard_C. 4 6 days ago
Issue Weird beams joonatanrinne1 31 1 week ago
Issue Graphic Jonathan11025 6 1 week ago
Forum topic How to split the tacent measures in the full score... Howard_C. 9 1 week ago
Issue Single-note dynamics don't work with custom soundfonts? Howard_C. 15 2 weeks ago
Forum topic 欢迎来到中文论坛! Howard_C. 18 3 weeks ago
Issue Some notes don't sound jlhueso 19 4 weeks ago
Forum topic Suggesting to open up a simplified Chinese forum Howard_C. 12 1 month ago
Issue Setting pedal and (de)crescendo lines to invisible doesn't work in PDF export and uploading Howard_C. 18 2 months ago
Issue Invisible pedal marks visible on Howard_C. 55 3 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3 Release Candidate Anatoly-os 37 3 months ago
Issue It takes forever to process a score Howard_C. 15 3 months ago
Forum topic No nightlies in the night Gootector 25 4 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 2.3.2 and "Upload Score Audio" fix Anatoly-os 14 4 months ago
Issue Crash when adding new time signature in the measure of a clef change cadiz1 14 4 months ago
Issue The message box of exporting WAV stuck on saying 0% before finishing Howard_C. 22 4 months ago
Issue Crash while inserting measure(s) in same measure as clef changes Howard_C. 12 4 months ago
Issue Suggesting the settings in the mixer to be numericalized Howard_C. 4 4 months ago
Forum topic How can I change instrument middle-through a score? Howard_C. 3 5 months ago
Issue Save restarts song ecogswell2019 2 5 months ago