NEW Feature: Auto-converting images and PDFs to the MuseScore format directly in MuseScore

• Feb 13, 2020 - 09:54

Are you ready to see some magic :-) ?

Try new feature now! Download the build and open any score in PDF format:

And PDF score can be opened as a usual .mscz file. Magic, yeah? =)

Should you have any feedback (both suggestions and applauses) please let us know in the comments.

Сolor designation:
- Black color - recognized and editable elements on score
- Blue color - recognized elements on image (image layout is different from Musescore smart layout, so coordinates may not match)
- Purple color - unrecognised elements on image

P.S. Technically, it works like a deep cloud integration with Audiveris. You can check source code in this branch.


What is that counter in the dialog while working on the recognition, is is percentage (and if so, could that get changed to a progress bar instead)?
Edit: OK, it isn't percentage... but what else, Measure?

Edit 2: just got it to crash on a larger and scanned PDF, one that BTW did get processed by the converter on

Edit 3: on an earlier import, of a score exported to PDF by MuseScore, the recognition went pretty well. No lyrics, nor any other text though, but that's the same as the PDF Import on

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It's seconds from finish uploading and start recognition. We don't know when recognition finished (it's depends of file size and quality). To show that the process isn't hanging and you have to wait yet.

The most important thing is that you can compare what happened to be recognized with the source file and correct the flaws right there. This should be user friendly enough.

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Maybe you could make that more clear in the dialog, like appending "seconds". Or just make it a spinning wheel or some such. But this is really a minor detail currently.

Yes, indeed alone that comparison is very worth it, esp. vs. the service on

Possible enhancement might be some way to tweak Audivers' options?

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Recently I start working with @Tantacrul to make recognition process more clearly and user-friendly. Hope we can do it better. Right now It's just first prototype. After receiving feedback, we can improve process according to user reviews.

Yes, I continue to experiment with settings and options. This is not first week. But only now there are results that are not ashamed to show :-)

P.S. Update Audiveris on happened after my experiments.

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@OsmelCruz :
You can try to strip the "quarantine" attribute to the application (with which Mac automatically flags this file downloaded from Internet):
from terminal, navigate to the folder where the application resides (e.g. cd /Applications) and then use:
xattr -d 'MuseScore 3'
(where 'MuseScore 3' is the name of the application)

This looks very exciting! Thanks to everyone for their efforts.

If I'm not mistaken, Audiveris may not yet be able to handle non-standard notation such as drumsets or tablature yet (often found in band scores); this would be very useful when realised, hence my hope that more resources can be invested into that project somehow, as I think it would be of tremendous benefit to both. I think one of the most important aspects is improving MusicXML import/export.

To any of the developers (here or there): if there's interest what I've mentioned, please contact me and I will provide samples (both PDF and mscz).

I'm so happy this feature is finally implemented. Will the accuracy of scanned PDF files be improved? I tried importing something from IMSLP and everything was wrong...

> P.S. Technically, it works like a deep cloud integration with Audiveris.

This is great. However, I'm leery of having my work uploaded to an unknown location, and I'm sure others will feel the same way. Is there any way to implement this as a purely local feature?

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If we enable local recognition, this is:
- increase size of final distribution by 30%
- will require Java 1.8 installation

We haven't yet decided how recognition should work best. Perhaps for final release we will find a better solution. So far, this is first alpha version that gives you the opportunity to try this feature.

If any Mac user meets some problems (e.g. Your Mac ask you to move MuseScore to trash) when you are launching this unstable version of MuseScore, consider to take the methods below:
1. Open Finder, go to "Applications" folder, find "MuseScore".
2. Open, copy xattr -cr /Applications/MuseScore\ and paste into your terminal.

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