Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Enter note entry mode when a note pad button is clicked TheOtherJThistle 33 3 hours ago
Forum topic automatic placement (of bows) Allthetones 26 4 hours ago
Issue Adding Instrument, after changing location in the Dialog, leads to crash mike320 28 1 day ago
Issue Playback continues to repeat after end repeat barline has been deleted Ziya Mete Demircan 11 2 days ago
Issue Deleting first measure causes crash when a hairpin starts there TheOtherJThistle 5 2 days ago
Issue Single note dynamics not visible in MIDI output files 18 3 days ago
Book page IDE Configuration TheOtherJThistle 0 3 days ago
Issue Score plays fine in 3.0, 3.1, fails online TheOtherJThistle 4 3 days ago
Issue Different dynamics on piano staves don't work with specific synthesizer configuration EnricoM 6 3 days ago
Issue Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice Jojo-Schmitz 20 5 days ago
Issue Tuplet numbers: Follow staff size not working geetar 2 6 days ago
Blog GSoC 2019: Palette Accessibility Anand339 1 6 days ago
Forum topic Score plays fine in 3.0, 3.1, fails online BSG 46 6 days ago
Issue MIDI channel assignments lost in parts after save / reopen 10 1 week ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.1 Beta Release Anatoly-os 63 1 week ago
Issue Fret number in fretboard diagram can not be saved Maksym Bauer 16 1 week ago
Forum topic Improving Tempo Text Playback TheOtherJThistle 2 2 weeks ago
Forum topic Inspector properties: indicating and updating style values shoogle 2 2 weeks ago
Issue Change note duration goudse 3 2 weeks ago
Issue Missing default keyboard shortcut for "Save as.." tobik 30 2 weeks ago
Issue Copy&Paste Fretboard diagram’s number is mirrored. kazuma yamamoto 6 3 weeks ago
Issue The ability to draw partial barre is missing for fretboard diagrams cadiz1 8 3 weeks ago
Issue Musescore Leaves Dots Under Barres in Chord Diagrams manonash 7 3 weeks ago
Issue Barre Deletes Dots on Higher Frets manonash 5 3 weeks ago
Issue Fretboard diagrams: barre lost on copying; and when saving to workspace geetar 8 3 weeks ago