Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Crash when using palette item upon a staff-text worldwideweary 14 3 months ago
Issue presets on banks >0 are not saved in score s.chriscollins 12 3 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore at FOSDEM 2020 Anatoly-os 33 3 months ago
Issue Crash when converting single stave to linked stave. twculpitt 5 3 months ago
Issue Text will not go underneath volta TheOtherJThistle 45 3 months ago
Issue Playback Issues shall0915 6 4 months ago
Issue [EPIC] Fretboard diagram issues geetar 18 4 months ago
Issue Tremolo Bar Properties: when adding or removing dots, mouse clicks are offset by half the height TheOtherJThistle 5 4 months ago
Issue For a single-stave key signature, the courtesy key signature shows in all staves Joshua Walton 5 4 months ago
Issue text size francperrod1 2 5 months ago
Issue Guitar "Let Ring" Playback Faults yonah_ag 6 5 months ago
Issue Staves in 'Create time signature' dialogue are badly laid out TheOtherJThistle 4 6 months ago
Issue Fermatas are miscategorised TheOtherJThistle 12 6 months ago
Forum topic Possibilities for implementing single-note expression s.chriscollins 13 7 months ago
Issue Zerberus - loops lasting longer than about 2 seconds crashes MuseScore or at least suddenly stop on playback Ludwig van Benteuer 5 7 months ago
Forum topic Loud, Obnoxious Popping Sounds DaforLynx 41 8 months ago
Issue UNDO does not restore a deleted frame geetar 8 8 months ago
Issue Tuplet numbers: Follow staff size not working geetar 7 8 months ago
Issue 3.1 *always* saves to the <Synthesizer> tag… appending full info on *every* save mirabilos 41 9 months ago
Issue changing Part Properties changes violin patch in the mixer Tristan H 7 9 months ago
Issue Add 'Style...' to property menu for all possible elements TheOtherJThistle 7 9 months ago
Issue The presence of fretboard diagrams prevents input of chord symbols in other staves cadiz1 9 9 months ago
Issue Hairpin with dynamics at the end is too short fmiyara 11 9 months ago
Issue Chord symbols: can't be transposed when coupled to fretboard diagrams geetar 5 9 months ago
Issue Fingering with square frame have a duplicated frametype's tag in mscx handrok 6 9 months ago